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  • Jul 2008 - Rilo for Asthma ( Cleared to come overseas )
    Nov 2008 - Turned down for Deployment because of Asthma
    June 2009 - Rilo came back and said " Recommend Full MEB
    Oct 2009 - Completed the Narrative Summary with my Doc
    Nov 2009 - MEB sent to the IPEB
    Mar 2010 - Recieved Results 30% TDRL
    Awaiting Orders but they should be here this week.:D
    They finally sent my MEB package to AFPC on Nov 25th. I guess my PEBLO is a pretty lazy guy or he's just really busy. I don't know I can barely reach the guy on the phone or the email! He is saying it'll be at least 4 months before I hear anything. He also told me that they are already backed up and since it's going down there during the holidays it might take a little longer. So I figure end of March 2010. I just want an answer so I can move forward! One question I do have though is if my base is participating in the new pilot progam? I'm stationed at Spangdahlem Germany. I've looked everywhere and can't find the answer. I wonder if that will help me or will it be the same. Any thoughts? Also if I was to seperate overseas how does that process work, Do I get leave? Will I have to out process at a conus location? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    I was diagnosed with asthma in July 2008 right before I PCS'd to Spangdahlem Germany. They did a RILO on me and cleared me to come overseas. I am a current C1 profile. When I arrived here I volunteered to deploy and couldn't get medically cleared. Shortly after I was put on a profile saying I could not be around Jet Fuel and was non deployable. I am not currently performing my AFSC, they have me at a desk job. I would think that since I can't do my job anymore and I'm non deployable that they are going to seperate me. I'm on Advair 500, Flonase, Claritin, Singulair, and Nexium, which I take everyday. They just put me on prednisone for 5 weeks to see if it helps.The reason I'm so confused and fustrated is because the last time I saw my PCM he said his opinion was I shouldn't be in the military and people with a weaker case of asthma have been seperated. I just want to know if I do get out medically what percentage I would get. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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