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A resource for Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), Board for Correction of Military Records, Physical Disability Board of Review (PDBR), and Wounded Warrior issues.

A quick update- Due to the generous support of folks here in the PEBFORUM community, I was able to upgrade the software to the latest version (as well as extending support for a year). I also update the software running the Resources section (that is a separate add-on). I will post some significant changes that are included in the upgrade later. Still, wanted to give a heads up in case there are any "bugs" or unexpected behaviors; if you see something, please reply to this thread so I can look into any problems. Hope this is an improvement!
[​IMG] I wish each of you a Happy Fourth of July!! Our Nation remains strong because of the service of Military members and Veterans who have guarded our freedoms and fought for them selflessly throughout our history. This day is to celebrate our Independence and our Nation. But, it wouldn't be here without the service put forward by our Military and Veterans. Thank you and enjoy the day!! Be safe and well!!!
I am trying something out to both support the forum, to cut down on spam and to help make this community better.... I have instituted (on a trial basis, at least) a $1/mo. fee for folks who recently register with the forum and want to post. (After being a member with posting privileges, then members will be moved to a permanent membership status and not have to pay anything else to retain all of their membership privileges). The reasons for this trial payment idea are many fold. First and foremost, I want to try to eliminate spam on the forum. Spam is both annoying and takes me a lot of time to address. Tonight, I spent about 90 minutes cleaning up spam on the forum. In theory, I could maybe have moderators or staff do this....but, over the past many years of having this forum up, my experience has shown that most folks who are moderators stay here- just like most members- for a period of time and then move on. This is natural and expected by me; if you are not currently or even recently going through the military disability evaluation system process, you likely don't have either recent experience or interest in this site's issues. It is natural that people "move on." Second, it takes me a lot of time to deal with spam and forum issues. Spent about 90 minutes of time just dealing with spam tonight. Sorry, but, I can't do this several times per week. Also, every minute spent on spam issues is time that I am not answering questions or posting updates. Third, while I spend a bunch out of pocket for this site, and I have no hurt feelings about this (and have done so for several years), I also think that it would help me to advance the site and make it better if there is some further financial support. Some members have been really supportive and have donated generously. I really appreciate this and am thankful for that. But, as time goes by, my...