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Please feel free to message me with any questions from my previous posts or with any general questions regarding the MEB/PEB process. Mar 19, 2012

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    1. eternal ways
      eternal ways
      would you please read the va doctor evaluation on my bad shoulder so to tell me your educated and honorable opinion or almost bullshit, on what the report seems to you for a dissability rating?
      Vietnam Vet
    2. dn_layne
      Hello carnelli53,

      I an trying to get a copy of the medical letter which was sent out about FOB Hammer for May 2007. I was deployed there and i now have reoccuring upper respitory infections. I am trying to get the letter to present to my doctor so i can have it properly documented into my medical records. Thanks in advance, could you please email the letter to Thanks again
    3. sckountryboy@Gmail. com
      sckountryboy@Gmail. com
      How much percentage will I get for being mentally unfit ?
    4. codyng88
      I am curious if you still have the FOB Hammer report and if I could get a copy of it.
    5. VAJumper
      Do you know if VA Caregiver benefits legally be taken away without due process of law? The VA is sending notices either taking away or reducing benefits without so much as a physical examination. I'm 100% P&T SMC with Aid & Attendance and ours has been reduced by 75% effective immediately although we can appeal. The ramifications are causing our heads to spin.
      1. carnelli53
        Check your PM.
        Sep 28, 2013
    6. Rock40
      The experiences I have had over the past 4.5 yrs on TDRL and those experiences of my friends who were also wounded are shameful. Im sure after reading just a few posts on this forum that my experiences are not unique.
      1. ruffneck32
        Rock40, my current situation is almost identical to what you've experienced w/ Ivan Walks. My 5 yr period ends in 3 weeks. What did u conclude regarding ur case?
        Feb 21, 2013
    7. Rock40
      Carnelli, thanks for what your doing here on this forum. My concern is with the TDRL process specifically Ivan Walks and Associates. I was wondering if you or any other reader had info on legal courses of action that could be collectively taken against either IWA or the entity that contracted them to handle the TDRL process.
    8. carnelli53
      Please feel free to message me with any questions from my previous posts or with any general questions regarding the MEB/PEB process.
    9. nwlivewire
      unable to open your latest posting re: Lawmakers look to restrict medical discharges. Says I am not authorized to open this posting.
    10. nwlivewire
      Dear Carnelli53:

      I added a posting on 15 APR and need some moderators to weigh in as I have a deadline. Have a telephonic call coming in on Monday and need to be prepared. HELP!
    11. nwlivewire
      nwlivewire has an electronic petition for Servicemembers and others to sign that is being forwarded to Congress for the enactment of inprovements in disability benefits.

      I signed the IAVA petition and would like you to review it as well. If you think this is a good thing (I do), would you please be so kind as to reference that link in an "all-call" messgae on this web site? This non-profit org (IAVA) is a new organizational arm for Iraq and A-Stan vets. They push issues before the Congress that need attention for this group of vets. They are rapidly becoming a vocal arm and adjunct to the VET for getting their issues visiblized to the folks on the Hill.

      Thanks! We need all the support we can get.
      SFC D. L. Clark aka nwlivewire
    12. revkevin
      Greetings everyone,
      I posted this in the wrongs area initially I think.
      I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get back in after a MMRB stated a Soldier was unfit.
      I was medically retired at 40% in April 2009. I had 8.2 years on AD. I have been fighting with the VA to get my rating to 100%. Needless to say it has been tough. The Va currently has my rating at 70%. I would not worry about the findings if I were getting concurrent disability, but I am not.
      I would not worry about the rating and amount I was getting either - if I had a job. The economy is tough right now.
      My question is this: Does anyone know of a way to get a waiver to get back on AD? I could not pass an entrance physical, but my forced medical retirement has caused such a great financial burden on my family that I have to do something. Does anyone have any advice or does anyone know how I can accomplish this?
    13. mkew77j
      So yes I have had the surgury so what do u think is going to happen now since I have a MEB appointment soon.
    14. worriedAF
      Hey, thank you so much for your response. I was wondering if you could give me the long answer to that question :) I appreciate the help, makes going through this bullshit a little easier when there are people out there willing to help.....sadly the same cant be said for my chain of command.
    15. redskull338
      Could you possibly render some sage advice to a confused Soldier. Please!?
      Redskull338 (aka Spc. H)
    16. weakestlink
      My son will be deploying to FOB Hammer very soon. Do you know anyone who is over there presently who can give a report of the quality of life there? I've read that there is remodeling underway. Do they plan to address the air pollution problems or will it be worse than ever as my son arrives? I appreciate any advice on this.
    17. MSTENNIS7
      I was at FOB Hammer and would very much like to receive a copy of the scanned memo you mentioned concerning lead exposure and manganese. Please send to Thank you for your assistance and research in this matter it is greatly appreciated.
    18. lurky
      I was at FOB Hammer for about 15 months and was wondering if you could please send me a copy of the scanned memo you have regarding the manganese and lead exposure we may have received.
    19. caribnoni
      I hav e ?, I'm in a PDRL List with 60%, Now 100% Va Total and Permanent, I was in Service for a total of 15 years. Do I qualify for my Retirement pay and my Va compensation?
    20. caribnoni
      Hi, How are you today? I'm new in this site.
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    May 10, 1984 (Age: 33)
    I was a forward observer in the United States Army. I deployed to Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division in OIF 5.

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    "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation."

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