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Jason Perry

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May 27, 2016 at 6:37 AM
    1. Postal46
      would like to talk to you about CRSC help. Willing to pay. please email uanna11@yahoo.com
    2. NAVYMA1
      Hello, I know you're a busy man and also know that you make a living, in part, on giving council. But I was hoping you could message me when available. I received ratings already and must decide to accept or not very soon. Appreciate any time you could spare
    3. Rgaddis3
      Hey I am currently in the meb process do you know will my meb stop if they send me to WTU?
    4. rays1981
      Running into an issue if you could check out my thread then message me that would be great thanks
    5. US_INC
      I'm at that point where I just can't take it anymore and just want to medically retire so I can get better and take care of my kids. my profile currently is T3 "anxiety, depression". my 1sg, provider, therapist mentioned meb but nobody seems to know (or care) how to initiate the process.
    6. Jonnybbravo
      I would like to provide you a blank copy of the DA Form 7625 (Lotus Forms) so you can place this on your site under the resources, forms section. This would make life easy as this document is still not on USAPA or APD as it also known. Please let me know how I can send you this file or make this happen. Thanks.
    7. Hooah1002
      I'm scheduled to go before a Fitness for Duty board this weekend, I have been diagnosed with grade 3 arthritis and patellofemoral syndrome in my knees, SI joint syndrome, bulging disk in my neck with impingement, degenerative disk disease, plus a few other things. Is there a chance that the Army still consider me fit for duty and deployable? Or should I be referred to a MEB?
      1. Jason Perry
        Jason Perry
        Hard to say without knowing a lot more about your case. That said, the fact that your going before a board with several dx's indicates a high likelihood of an ultimate unfit finding. Good luck!
        Mar 5, 2016
      2. Jonnybbravo
        I would highly consider your options. Just be aware that the Army is going to be changing the Medical/Sick Call/Profile system to draw down. This coming from the Chief of Staff. Basically if you are not world wide deployable, you most likely to go. I am in the process now its a hard one. So close to the finish line but yet so far.....
        Mar 21, 2016
      3. Hooah1002
        Was found not deployable/retainable by FFD, referred to PEB (since I don't have LODs for nonretainable injuries). Still allowed to drill until process is complete, just no PT or wearing of combat load. Had to do an SRP this past weekend because deploying unit didn't start my packet, current one will have to do it. The process is maddening.
        Apr 4, 2016
    8. pm24612
      I am currently going through the med board process and I recently appealed my ratings. I am trying to get my back injuries rated by the army but because I didn't receive the diagnoses until after the ratings came the board is saying I still need more documentation to prove that I have back problems. Should I just take what they offered me or should I fight for a better rating?
      1. Jason Perry
        Jason Perry
        Don't have enough information to offer any thoughts. Would need to know a lot more about your case to offer any meaningful input.
        Mar 5, 2016
    9. eagles77
      I was medically discharged as an E-5 promotable with 10% for a shoulder injury, but had seizure due to a brain tumor the Army remove. Three weeks after discharge my name was physically on the E-6 list. If I am approved for retirement will it be at an E-5 or E-6 since I would have made it if not medically discharged
      1. Jason Perry
        Jason Perry
        From what you wrote, it seems E5.
        Feb 28, 2016
    10. lesco431
      Could going through the MEB/PEB process jeopardize my current VA rating?
    11. Jose3223
      I really need help on some information so I just got done talking with the jag lawyer about my possible ratings in total my diabetes is only 20% and I'm a type 1 newly diagnosed to me that's insane cause I do want to get retired with 30% whats do i do to make that possible cause im not getting out the army with only 20%
    12. tlcopp
      Hi Jason,
      I'm a Pentagon reporter for Stars and Stripes. I'd appreciate connecting with members who were medically retired due to Asthma after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm at copp.tara@stripes.com. If you would consider posting this query I'd appreciate it.
      Thank you,
    13. Aylin
      Jason, Quick question I was chaptered with 5-17 Honorable discharge but Doctor did not recommended MEB. However I got a 70% service connected disability rating from the VA of PTSD/MST. Can you help? I sent you a message about it! Thanks
    14. dizz11
      Quick Question! I am going through the MEB/PEB process for migraines caused during a deployment. My PEBLO just informed me that the DoD has looked at the package and sent it to the VA. Does this mean I am found unfit and should be expecting a rating? Thanks!
      1. Jason Perry
        Jason Perry
        Yes, that is what that usually means. Best of luck in getting your desired outcome!
        Feb 3, 2016
        Aylin likes this.
    15. 3moose1
      Sorry to bug you but had a specific question that I hoped you can answer. I'm being medboarded due to PTSD from an armed robbery. The PEB wants a police report, but there was no police report filed. My MEBLO said I needed a Line of Duty Determination (which I turned in today) and that would be be fine. Will that be good enough for them? What if they are adamant about getting a police report that doesn't exist?
    16. Navygirl83
      Anyone familiar with LIMDU process? I have been cleared fit for full worldwide assignable no limitations since October 15. Of last year. Was cleared early never on any medications but yet cant seem to get orders...is this making any sense to anyone? Is their someone I should be talking to or seeking advice from to clear this matter up.
    17. marlonmc26
      i need help, or advice from anybody,

      i failed my 2nd pt test and being chaptered out the army, i just got diagnosed with ptsd, but before everything else, i had sleep apnea almost a yr now, sorry about my english it is my 2nd language. can i get medboarded eventho my co started the chapter packet already?
    18. pt7
      AFBCMR has my case after an upgrade from the AFDRB from OTH. I'm a GW Veteran with a 50% VA PTSD. I was court martialed for failure to deploy in 1999. I had been going through infertility treatment and it was causing me to struggle with previous and documented (MST). I'm requesting a change to medical from misconduct and to remove the GKL code (sexual pervasion). Could timely consideration apply to my case?
    19. armyatc
      my VA rating came back at 20%, I have received a letter from my doctor saying blood sugar worsens when his activity level is increased. He should try to refrain from strenuous activity until his sugars are under better control. He should also eat snacks frequently that consist of protein an carbohydrates to prevent hypoglycemia. If I do a VA reconsideration would my letter help
      1. armyatc
        Forgot to put that I am type 1 diabetic found unfit for duty. What should I do? I have till October 28th.
        Oct 20, 2015
    20. lostmind1989
      Mr. Perry, first and foremost I would like to thank you for your unending support of this forum. You are truly an inspiration. I am interested in hiring representation for my PEB hearing. Do you have any affordable recommendations? I'm currently in Fort Riley, KS. I have also posted http://www.pebforum.com/site/threads/did-i-get-f-ed.29547/ to try to get some input from others.
      1. Jason Perry
        Jason Perry
        Thanks for the kind words! For legal representation questions, please send an email to me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com .
        Oct 3, 2015
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    I founded this site in 2007 to provide information and a community for those military members facing disability evaluation.

    I am a former Army JAG officer who represented Soldiers at the Physical Evaluation Board. At that time, I was concerned with the lack of information available to those in the MEB/PEB process. Though I suggested that the Army set up a similar resource, this idea was denied. As I had already decided to leave the Army, I decided to set this site up to do what I think needs to be done- inform people of the process and provide information on compensation and benefits.

    I am an attorney in private practice and I only deal with military disability matters. I provide representation at the MEB/PEB, on administrative appeal, and in the Federal Courts. However, I do not discuss my services or provide legal advice as an attorney on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit my webpage: www.peblawyer.com . If you want to contact me regarding professional services, feel free to email me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com.


    "A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled to, and less than that no man shall have." -Theodore Roosevelt
    “When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”- Jacob Riis (posted outside of San Antonio Spurs locker room).
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