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Jason Perry

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Aug 5, 2015 at 4:20 AM
    1. angelrod
    2. gorimath
      I got put on pdrl for hyperthyroidism at 30% and 30% from the va as well. I had an appointment and the va said i still had a thyroid problem, but it wasnt as bad as it was when i got the original discharge, so the va wants to take the 30% from me. will this effect my pdrl pay?
    3. timlab1955
      Do you help vets with cases? As I was reading some place on this web site you had posted some court cases, where can I find those again? How can a lay person (like myself), google case that might help me? Thanks and have a merry christmas and a happy new years. Also, you never did answer my question about something I wanted to email you about my case.
    4. Jason Perry
    5. timlab1955
      Jason are you a lawyer?
    6. timlab1955
      Jason - Seems like you have a lot of insight into the MEB/PEB and Board of Correction. I would like to email you something that may be interesting for my case. Thanks
    7. mparson11
      Jason, Undergoing MEB i had a blood clot in my liver my portal vein had a DVT and in turn had splenomegally. They found out i had a protein C deficiency and put me on life long Lovenox shots in my abdomen. i just had a tubal pregnancy and they had to do surgery and take out my tube due to my lovenox i couldnt take the shot because i would of hemorraged to death,specialty pay due to a needed organ. Would i be medically retired due to a DVT in the past year and how much or bc i had to have surgery instead of a shot? Also, VA wise i have had knee problems sinuses problems/infections and shingles on and off for 2 years sy have a problem with my immune system now but alot of my labs are weird to them. I work inside the clinic here at Pope AFB so i get a just of it...I am just curious if they are going to medically retire me and what kind of VA comp i would look at for something like that. They submitted it in Sept, still waiting an answer. Lovenox makes me drowsy/sore abdomen

      A1C Parson
    8. jkellett
      I have finished my MEB and I am awaiting my narsum. I have Dissociative Personality Disorder and in a Dissociative state used marijuana and popped hot on a UA. My unit command wants to stop my MEB and chapter me out on a chap 14. Can they do this? Im worried that I will be chaptered out and not get the benefits I need to get better.
    9. ksinjuredsoldier
      Hey, Jason!
      I emailed you everything you asked for, but I have not heard back from you. I am having even more trouble this week with them than last. I can't tell you how many conflicting stories I have heard. Please help!
    10. SGT P
      SGT P

      I've read the NGR 600-200, which states that a Soldier does not have to have a specific number of years in service to transfer to the Retired Reserves...I'm trying to get a handle on WHY a SM would want to transfer at all. It's a mystery to me, and the reg tells me nothing.

      Any ideas?
    11. Boothbb
      Thanks for the add! You've been a great help.
    12. nlaw37
      Hey-just wondering if you received my private message I sent you- I had some issues while I was trying to send the message. Let me know, please? Thanks, and if you did get it-sorry, I know you're a busy person. Just don't know if it got there. ~Nick
    13. SGT P
      SGT P
      Hi Jason!

      It's been a while since I've chit chatted with you...and I see you've made some changes to the site! It's looking great.

      The world of PDES is a busy one, as you well know. I'm on the search for a document/reg which states that RC Soldiers are not required to have 15 years in order to transfer the the Retired Reserves, as well as why as Soldier would be better off transferring to the Retired reserves (due to a NDRFD determination) instead of just separating from the ARNG completely.

      I was on the PEB forum to attempt at finding it, but cannot seem to find any of the handy references you used to have? Did you delete them completely? Move them?

      Anyhow...I hope you're fantastic.

      SGT P
    14. fedup
      I sustained a knee injury while training basic training soldiers in 1998. I filed a disability claim with VA. I was a reserve soldier on active duty orders. VA advises me they need a LOD. My unit failed to complete one. Is there any way for me to get this documentation to support my claim for the injury? The injury required me to have surgery. I do have the surgery documentation, and the surgery was conducted by a military doctor at a military hospital. I was unable to work for 3 months following the surgery.
    15. ksinjuredsoldier
      No problem! I have it all scanned, minus one letter that I can send to you. I will send it after the kids go to bed, as they are quite fiesty tonight. I realize that you are not my attorney, but I am willing to take ANY AND ALL help in this matter. It has been a very trying two years with no pay for over the last year, as I have been unable to work since my surgery. Thank you, Jason, for all of your advice and help.
    16. ksinjuredsoldier
      Does it make a difference that I did not complete AIT? That seems to be the reason that they are fighting with me. They paid for all of my medical bills for my surgery, then they dropped me from the rolls and I haven't heard froom them for something lke 6-8 months till I got the discharge paperwork. We filed the response to the discharge paperwork, but how long does this all take? I should have been discharged almost a year ago. I was injured in Sept 07, but they have just left me sitting here. What benefits am I entitled to? They won't tell me anything, and I am almost too scared to ask because I have a feeling they will lie to me. Thanks, again, Jason for your help.
    17. ksinjuredsoldier
      Jason, I am having problems w/KSNG. The new commander wants me out on an uncharacterized separation, as I have not completed AIT. I was injured (badly) in BCT, which I finished. I broke both feet, femurs, and my hip. My JAG seems like a nice person, however, i have had no luck with those that are officers. They are always doing the cya. Could you please give me your advice? I have two LOD's regarding my injuries, i am supposed to be in front of a meb, but the JAG office (not my JAG) said their discharge is more important than my meb, so they win. I am really tired of fighting, but i don't want them to get off scott free on what they did. please advise. thanks!
    18. oldfart

      you seem to be the GURU here so I thought I would ask you a question. I am a reservist who was injured in LOD while mobilized in Iraq, VA found me with TBI, depression, and a bunch of cervical and neuropathy issues. AFRC put me on orders for care and has yet to begin the MEB, now the AF says I am as well as I am going to get and wants to involuntarily remove me from orders to wait on the MEB. I say they can't, they say they can. Help!
    19. Skywalker
      Jason, just FYI, I continue to fight my battle with MH eval that was never giving when my DOS was over 3 Nov 08. I have written Secretary of the VA and I now have MH eval scheduled which is good news for me. I aslo just three days ago received a phone call from COMP & PEN who called to tell me I tested positive for V. Zoster Sine Herpete or Shingles on the Brain which was a VA Doc I requested to see back 31 Aug 09 and she obviously nailed it and this is why I have the Ischemic Leukoencephalomalacia. My question and I didn't know quite where to post this so I'm asking you..... I have been awarded Social Security and I now have my last package from VA asking for any additional info as we have asked for unemployability and they mention Social Security and I figure that is some additional info I should give the VA to show I'm non employable. Will the fact that I'm disabled with Social Security and drawing full pay with them effect my USAF Retired Pay and or my VA Disability pay?
    20. Magnum783
      New to this site and overwhelmed by the amount of information it has to provide. I receved a diagonosis of Crohn's disease a year and half ago. I just now recieved my IPEB back and it was 10% and severance I am going to select to go for a FPEB and looking to get some help can you and will you help. You seem to be the resident expert in these matters.
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    I founded this site in 2007 to provide information and a community for those military members facing disability evaluation.

    I am a former Army JAG officer who represented Soldiers at the Physical Evaluation Board. At that time, I was concerned with the lack of information available to those in the MEB/PEB process. Though I suggested that the Army set up a similar resource, this idea was denied. As I had already decided to leave the Army, I decided to set this site up to do what I think needs to be done- inform people of the process and provide information on compensation and benefits.

    I am an attorney in private practice and I only deal with military disability matters. I provide representation at the MEB/PEB, on administrative appeal, and in the Federal Courts. However, I do not discuss my services or provide legal advice as an attorney on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit my webpage: www.peblawyer.com . If you want to contact me regarding professional services, feel free to email me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com.


    "A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled to, and less than that no man shall have." -Theodore Roosevelt
    “When nothing seems to help, I go look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it, but all that had gone before.”- Jacob Riis (posted outside of San Antonio Spurs locker room).
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