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May 25, 2016 at 11:05 PM
    1. ksinjuredsoldier
      Jason, I am having problems w/KSNG. The new commander wants me out on an uncharacterized separation, as I have not completed AIT. I was injured (badly) in BCT, which I finished. I broke both feet, femurs, and my hip. My JAG seems like a nice person, however, i have had no luck with those that are officers. They are always doing the cya. Could you please give me your advice? I have two LOD's regarding my injuries, i am supposed to be in front of a meb, but the JAG office (not my JAG) said their discharge is more important than my meb, so they win. I am really tired of fighting, but i don't want them to get off scott free on what they did. please advise. thanks!
    2. oldfart

      you seem to be the GURU here so I thought I would ask you a question. I am a reservist who was injured in LOD while mobilized in Iraq, VA found me with TBI, depression, and a bunch of cervical and neuropathy issues. AFRC put me on orders for care and has yet to begin the MEB, now the AF says I am as well as I am going to get and wants to involuntarily remove me from orders to wait on the MEB. I say they can't, they say they can. Help!
    3. Skywalker
      Jason, just FYI, I continue to fight my battle with MH eval that was never giving when my DOS was over 3 Nov 08. I have written Secretary of the VA and I now have MH eval scheduled which is good news for me. I aslo just three days ago received a phone call from COMP & PEN who called to tell me I tested positive for V. Zoster Sine Herpete or Shingles on the Brain which was a VA Doc I requested to see back 31 Aug 09 and she obviously nailed it and this is why I have the Ischemic Leukoencephalomalacia. My question and I didn't know quite where to post this so I'm asking you..... I have been awarded Social Security and I now have my last package from VA asking for any additional info as we have asked for unemployability and they mention Social Security and I figure that is some additional info I should give the VA to show I'm non employable. Will the fact that I'm disabled with Social Security and drawing full pay with them effect my USAF Retired Pay and or my VA Disability pay?
    4. Magnum783
      New to this site and overwhelmed by the amount of information it has to provide. I receved a diagonosis of Crohn's disease a year and half ago. I just now recieved my IPEB back and it was 10% and severance I am going to select to go for a FPEB and looking to get some help can you and will you help. You seem to be the resident expert in these matters.
    5. Chinook
      Hi Jason, Its been a while since we've chatted and I was just wondering how you are doing? I see post after post and I just think to myself, "how does this guy do it ? " Family, Career, Website...and on and on. You are amazing. I hope your family is doing well, to include your puppies of course! Just wanted you to know that as always I appreciate what you have done for me and so many others. I hope you never feel like your website is thankless....I sometimes read some posts from people that may forget you are volunteering your time and efforts to help them and others-they seem so rude. I just want you to know-and I know you know-there are so many of us who just think the world of you!
    6. jonms15
      Hi Jason,
      I am currently out of the army went through the med board process. Well my first rating was 70% medical retirement and than went it went through the final satages it was rejected and re-evaluated and than rated at 10% with severance at the time i really didn't know my options and really didn't feel i belonged anymore cause i coulded do my primary job anymore (11B infantry) so i tooK it and got out and went through the VA. As i was fighting for my rating with va with my service officer he had said if i could find my original rating from the PEB board (which i do have) i could fight for the original back. I wasn't sure if you could shed any light on this situation if its true or not. this was back in 2005-2006 my las day of active duty was febuary 26 2006. seem to me it might be to late but if its possible it would prob benifit my family and myself to fight. Thank you for any information you might have.
    7. N1nj4r
      Hey Jason,

      Just an update.. I finally am getting to see a civilian doctor at my TMC.. it only took my wife 4 hours of fighting over the phone and two days to get it but we got it. I got an MRI scheduled next week, though now I'm reading that I'll need a Bone Scan to confirm. Anyways on to my question..

      Question: I'm looking at the VASRD.. and it seems that they are going to find that I have osteroarthritis(not for sure yet, as they still have to do an MRI, bone scan..etc) But It says that it'll be 20% unless its based of ROM. Ive been pretty much on bed rest for two weeks now because it hurts to move any way. Front, back , side to side.. How does the ROM work?

      Do you have any more info on how the MEB works? Things I should know to prepare? so I can make sure I'm ready for when it happens and can fight if I need to right away.

      Oh.. one more thing.. ever hear anything about MRSA with the whole MEB/PEB?
      Thanks Jason,

    8. MP1228
      Hi Jason,
      Looking for information. I am in the Alabama National Guard. I joined back up in 2007 and my unit is getting ready to deploy in 2011. Question: I have just had back surgery, my doctor put in four titanium screws and done a infusion of the L5-S1 joint. The only limitation that he gave me was that I could never do sit-up again. Will I be able to deploy with my unit?
    9. littlehippie86
      Hi Jason! Thank you for a great site :) Sorry to bug you but haven't got any real asnwers so I thought I'd just asl you....Went to the PEBLO today got my NARSUM and commanders letter basically stating that I can do my job but that I'm bipolar and need to be discharged. I submitted a couple letters backign me up and my own stating it was a situational life crisis and I have no history of this. I sought help after being raped and now feel like I'm being punished. My commander says he will get my general discharge if I don't go along with it....Did I screw myself by asking for an impartial review or will it just drag it out a little bit?
    10. jerhens
      Hello... I'm CW3 in the Army. I have over 20 years of service and I'm going through a med board (currently in phase three). I keep getting different anwsers in regards to which retirement I should take (regular or medical). Can you point me to the regs that might help with this. I believe I will at least least receive a rating of 75% from the Army (I would think this would equal more than regular retirement and my VA pay) what are your thoughts on this?

      Thank you,
    11. nwlivewire
      Please read AW2 update.
      Things just went to hell again.
      Once I find out the real reasons for this overrturn of permission to attend, what options are left to me?
      I'm so mad right now, I'm thinking about Congressional and news media.
      But losing a stripe would force me into bankruptcy.
      Any thoughts for next move - other than nothing?
    12. donaldbrantley
      hey Jason just wanted to give an update:
      50% disability from the army, i went to the VA in Gainesville Fl. to file a claim, i was told by the intake officer that he would file my claim, but it would come out to less than the army gave me.it would take around a year and i would have to choose the one i wanted, that i could not get both because i was not hurt in combat. he also only wanted to list the injuries that the army listed, not everything that i have wrong with me after all the operations i received. he also said that the VA would use the army doctors eval, insteed of doing there own. any help would be great, because i have no idea what to do. but i cant live off what the army gave me, i cant return to my civ. job after 24 years.
    13. clutchdrive
      Cool. Say would be able to give a guesstimate as to where I would stand with enlistment in the US Army. I am 37 years old. Honorable discharge. My RE code is RE-3P (waiver required) for a kidney inflammation that was present back then in '90. Since then I have not had any re-occurrences and or symptoms, in fact I am in the best shape I have been in ever. Is there a chance that I can re-up this day and age?
    14. clutchdrive
      Jason, could you direct me to the proper channels to obtain a copy of PEB from the USCG in 1990? Any address, phone number anything to help expedite the process. Most appreciated. Thanks! Jeff.
    15. toby22
      hello mr. jason
      i just asked some questions on the blog- im new at this- did not know how ask a direct question to you about my sons medboard process, any inside help wil appreciated, whats the best way to stay on top of this process? i call fort benning and got no answers or return phonecalls/
    16. worriedAF
      Will I lose my GI Bill as well? I served the 3 year commitment required and just want to be able to still go to school.
    17. worriedAF
      Hello Jason,

      I wanted to first off thank you for all the selfless help you have provided everyone on this board, just reading posts here is an inspiration.
      My problem....I am worried that I am going to be med boarded with 3 1/2 years of AD and am concerned about a couple things. What happens to my benefits? Will I lose access to my Post 9/11 GI Bill if they find that it was a preexisting condition (i dont think it is but I hear horror stories). I'm extremely stressed enough by the medical side and I'm worried I'm gonna lose everything I worked for.
    18. angelrod
    19. serjical_strike
      I talked to maparker earlier on the phone about the whole situation that happened with every and had long chat about the positive that came out of my situation that will hopefully help other in this process. He also told me about your offer to help as he said pro bono if I need you help. I just wanted to thank you for even considering that even though I fairly sure that things will be at least a little more now. I also wanted to thank you for creating this forum to help those who truly dont have a voice. if it werent for this forum I dont think I would be able to say that now I will proably get the chance to complete my medical processing, through all the help that has been give to me over the past few days. I would also like to say that I admire and believe in what people like you and maparker and many other are doing here to help out our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines.
    20. SGTJenn

      I know that everyone and their mother has a question for you...This is for a friend that has no resources and I don't want him to get screwed the way that I did. He's at Walter Reed and just received his NARSUM. While he was reviewing it there were a couple of discrepancies that he noticed. One was glaring.

      He developed a series of Pulmonary Embolisms in his lungs over a period of time about a year ago and the NARSUM states that they aren't putting anything in the packet about them because they have no idea how the Embolisms started. Well, they started at WR. That much is obvious. He hauled is butt into the ER there from the Barracks.

      What can he do about getting it added? The Docs have already done revisions....So they say.

      BTW, this is a Bronze Star recipient, multi awards, incredible soldier.



      PS, They also accidentally killed him by overdosing him while he was in the hospital:) Thank God they brought him back. He's a little bitter.
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    I founded this site in 2007 to provide information and a community for those military members facing disability evaluation.

    I am a former Army JAG officer who represented Soldiers at the Physical Evaluation Board. At that time, I was concerned with the lack of information available to those in the MEB/PEB process. Though I suggested that the Army set up a similar resource, this idea was denied. As I had already decided to leave the Army, I decided to set this site up to do what I think needs to be done- inform people of the process and provide information on compensation and benefits.

    I am an attorney in private practice and I only deal with military disability matters. I provide representation at the MEB/PEB, on administrative appeal, and in the Federal Courts. However, I do not discuss my services or provide legal advice as an attorney on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit my webpage: www.peblawyer.com . If you want to contact me regarding professional services, feel free to email me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com.


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