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    1. MSgtRon
      Question on concurrent pay.

      I am in a strange and what I believe unique position.

      I have 28yrs total with the last 17yrs active guard AGR. for the past 11 years I have been in a special unit called a
      Civil Support Team (weapons of Mass Destruction)
      they are F/AD II designated anti terrorist teams
      I received special duty pay for Hazardous duty for it was always we may be CONUS but we are front line as in 24hr on call 1hr response time for national response.(lived on 1 hr response the last 11 years) training is high intensity,what most would consider training for combat, everything from handling live/hot chemical/bio/rad to hanging out of helicopters and buildings upside down, marine core martial arts to include live fire CQB and SWAT training, trained to fire weapons in level A suits.

      can I or do I need to hire a lawyer in order say my injuries are combat related training? or who in the process would decide this?

      Thank you
      MSgt Ron
    2. dguynn
      Thanks for responding. I have another issue at the moment. I requested a formal hearing last month, but my DES is 30 April. I was briefed that I can't drop retirement orders while going through the MEB process. The Guard Bureau has not extended me and is trying to release me to the state. This will cause me to become a traditional guardman (DSG) versus title 10 STAT Tour Member. Can they do this to me? I'm in panic mode now
    3. jgreen
      Jason as you can it has been several months since getting back to you. As of our last message nothing has gone forward. I have contacted the DIV SUR several times over the past 9 months and since NOV she has continually told me she is just waiting on appts to be scheduled. Is this normal? If not I am considering contacting SEN Mccain my AZ rep. I had my surgery last June now 4 for my sinus and am already scheduled for another this year. What can I or should I do to force this issue. Aside from a Congressional i dont know what else to do. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

      As for the message below the DIV Sur states my packet is complete and we are just waiting on appts. just to clarify

      Please let me know what else can

      J Green
    4. dguynn
      Good morning
      I was wondering if you could possibly send me some example letters that I could use for my surgeons/co-workers/supervisors to use. I am appeal the results of my IPEB. I received my IPEB results and even though 40% is decent, I 'm fighting for IU. I have been on conv leave since Sep 09.

      Any help will greatly be appreciated
      Deb Guynn
    5. dodgecharger1970
      December 2007 I returned to Germany on leave and refused to return until I saw the German Neurologist that had treated me prior to my deployment. I was charged with missing movement and sentenced May 02, 2008 to 25 days in Mannheim Holding Facility, Mannheim Germany. I was released and discharged July 11th 2008 and returned to my home of record.

      I filed August 2009 to have my Discharge reviewed and changed to an honorable discharge and I am also seeking compensation from the Army for false imprisonment and illegal discharge.

      As of February 2009 I have been diagnosed with MS with 100% medical certainty I had attacks of MS in September and October 2006. I am currently under treatment with the VA and have been diagnosed with PTSD.

      I am asking for help with these matters if anyone can.

      Thank you

      Richard P Watson
    6. dodgecharger1970
      I was wounded in action on September 29th 2007 during an IED blast in Baghdad. I was treated for a TBI and paperwork was submitted for a Purple Heart. The award packet was sent back and forth from my command to our sister command for corrections. My 1sg felt it was his duty to hide my paperwork and deny me the award. Nine days after the blast I was found unconscious on FOB Stryker with no apparent diagnosis.

      Previously in September and October 2006 I was treated for MS type symptoms in Germany and was on a non-deployable profile for over nine months prior to deployment. Instead of a medical review board I was sent to Iraq and told my command I was not physically fit for duty. I was taken out on patrols where my physical shape was a life threatning to myself and fellow soldiers.
    7. popa_top2000

      First off let me say this site is awesome. I have a question and would like your expertise. I was told by the doctor last Thursday that I would be going through an MEB for BP. Is someone supposed to contact me to put my packet together? if so do they normally contact you in the first week or two after being told about the MEB? I appreciate your help

    8. triarri

      I was referred to your site by VAJumper. He indicated that he would provide you with some details of my situation. As some issues are more personal is there a way to email you to get your advice/thoughts/recommendations?


    9. armyflyer7
      Jason, this is a great site. I was told about your site by my Psychologist. As a DAV CSO and medically retired Army Aviator, I am very familiar with the MEB/PEB and VA process and have been answering some of the many questions on your site. This is hands down the best one source site that I have seen and will do my part to ensure that every individual that I encounter within the MEB/PEB process has this web address. I will also be passing your site up through my channels to other DAV personnel to pass around. This information is very valuable. On behalf of all service members that are assisted daily ... Thank you Jason. James
    10. Terri Z
      Terri Z
      Hi Jason, what a great site! Lots of very useful information. I have browsed the site for a while and am looking for some specific information regarding the "regulation of activities" that warrants bumping a 20% rating to 40% for DM1. I saw some general discussion but do you know where there might be a list of specific examples of such limitiations? I am dealing with a situation where the member is on TDRL and has a job, and I am trying to prepare a package to present to the PEB to show restriction/regulation. The only guidance I have found was the list that included shoveling, running, skiiing, competitive handball, and competitive squash. Are you aware of any other information on this? Thanks in advance for your work on the site and for your guidance.
    11. steve10
      Hi Jason, I posted a few days ago with my NARSUM from my first TDRL appointment in this thread http://www.pebforum.com/showthread.php?t=17034 you had asked me to post it to get a better idea which way the Army might lean on the outcome. Any help is much appreciated.

      Thank you,

    12. bryan aker
      bryan aker
      Hello sir,
      I understand you are very busy and want to first off thank you for creating this site and taking the time to read this. It's good to know that there are people out there to help soldiers such as myself. I recently wrote out my current situation and blogged it on to three seperate pages. I havent had any feed back except one which explained that it would be best to contact you and to get your opinion on the matter. I understand a man of your stature has limited if any time to go through invidual base by base concerns but I've read up on some of the work you've done and would think some one with your back round and credentials would best be able to address my problem. If you get a moment please do and I would be greatful in any feedback you can provide. I've been bounced around for over two years and am in dyer need of advice. Again I appreciate your time in this matter.

      SPC Aker, Bryan
    13. jkellett
      Well no chapter. I have been given 70% on the TDRL and I will be out soon. I think the VA will pay me more then my Army pension so I want to go with that. My orders still say PV1 though. I thought I would get the highest rank I had back. No rank determination board was mentiond. Will that happen after a final determination is made and I am off TDRL?
    14. Kerv5880
      I had a disectomy on my vertabra L4-L5 in 2000 and joined the military 4 years later in 2004. In June 2009 i had a Fusion of L5-S1, will this affect the possibility of being medically retired if i get put on an MEB??
    15. student
      Jason- when i try to send you a private message it says I cannot access it. Bottom line, if you get this, I would like to talk to you about legal representation. Thanks
    16. USMC2000

      Well I talked to legal today. They told me to wait until the actual admin sep package comes to me before they can do anything for me. In the page 11 it says Administrative Separation for "Unsatisfactory Performance of Duties" per para 6206 of MCO P1900.16. So, the lawyer said today based on how the CO wrote this up they can still process the ad sep.

      I am at my wits end right now. I have served my country and the Corps, was wounded and now they want to admin sep me! I just want to get treatment and go thru with the MEB/PEB, but if a admin sep goes thru before that it just feels wrong.

      Thanks for letting me rant! Again thanks soo much for your help. God bless you!
    17. Jason Perry
      Jason Perry

      Glad to help! From the facts you stated, there is no way you should be separated without an MEB/PEB. However, I have seen many members have their cases wrongly decided and have seen commands make errors. If your discussion with legal officer and/or command did not derail the admin sep (sounds like the case due to the page 11 entry), then you are in the position of fighting out this point.

      The good news? I think its clear that you win the long run. Bad news, it may be a fight. You can talk to a JAG at base legal. Sometimes you find someone who is great and experienced and they can help sort this out. Othertimes, you don't, and then you may be somewhat without effective help. Senators, in my experience, usually don't do much to impact a case, but there are exceptions. If you have a PEBLO, you may want to discuss with them as sometimes they can clarify for a command, too.

      Hope all goes your way!
    18. USMC2000
      I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for your help a couple of days ago. Today i received a page 11 entry saying that my unit is processing a admin sep on me. As I said last time I am currently on limited duty pending a med board. My CO and legal officer didn't know if the limited duty would affect the admin sep or not. According to your last message to me, the med board would trump a the admin sep. Can they still run the admin sep if I'm on lim duty? If not who can I talk to? Legal? Senators? Thanks for your help!
    19. jkellett
      Well its all over now. My MEB has been forwarded to the PEB and my 1SG dropped the chapter packet. Thats the good news. I did receive an Article 15 and my rank has been reduced to E-1. I was now wondering if the roomers I hear about restoration of your highest rank are true. I have just over 2 years in and I have heard that you retire with the highest rank you held for 36 months. I have not held any one rank for that long or even been in the army that long. Given that what is the foreseeable outcome?

      P.S. Sorry I took so long to respond, a lot has been going on.
    20. angelrod
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    I am an attorney in private practice and I only deal with military disability matters. I provide representation at the MEB/PEB, on administrative appeal, and in the Federal Courts. However, I do not discuss my services or provide legal advice as an attorney on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit my webpage: www.peblawyer.com . If you want to contact me regarding professional services, feel free to email me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com.


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