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I am traveling and will not be able to check in or post on the forums much over the next several days. Oct 7, 2014

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Oct 26, 2014 at 1:03 AM
    1. poisonpanik
      Thanks for your dedication to us all! I stumbled on this the other day and thought you may want to look at it/include it for the USAF people. It runs through the process for USAF personnel. The link is a direct download. http://www.pdhealth.mil/hss/downloads/afpc_des.pptx
    2. nlaw37
      Jason -
      Had Pt. 2 Physical today and they did the range of motion on me. I am pretty sure he said forward flexion was 75 deg, and backwards 25. I do not know what my side to side was. Of course I was not having a flare up today...but as soon as that was all done i was. He told me I HAD to go past the point of the start of pain. I was ticked. I was hurting bad afterwards. He did not really talk about what happens during flare ups other than what my pain levels were during those. You think I will get screwed on this? This is all ticking me off.
    3. Bandit4
      Jason, Were you on the BHD website years ago? You look familiar. Did you serve in the Military? Either way - THANK YOU for providing the background for this website. While I didn't go through the MEB/PEB process, I have found more info here than anywhere else!

      My question...can you direct me to something that describes the rating process for a cognitive disorder related to a brain injury? Also, I was diagnosed with PTSD prior to retirement, then upon receipt of my disability rating, it says I have "anxiety disorder" but no PTSD. Any ideas how that might have worked out?
    4. GIJANE
      Good Morning, Jason, Et al,
      Getting through the FPEB waiting period is so incredibly rough, the stress is more than I can handle some days. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting through the day to day stuff while you are waiting for the rest of your life to be decided? I'm not doing well with this. PTSD brought me to the MEB process, are there fast tracks for someone that can not handle stress?
    5. nlaw37
      I am currently in the "pre-MEB" and if I get into the MEB/PEB I am thinking of hiring you since the decisions made will be for the rest of my life. That and my injury/illness is not really cut and dry and do not want to be ripped off by the board.
    6. Chem_SM
      Hi Jason, I need your help! If you could look at my thread from today about JAG lawyers being legit. I am having som issues and my FPEB is Tuesday!!
      Thanks Ryane
    7. timbomb8
      Thank you Jason,

      I just finished the Physical forms for the PEB. My Doctor made special note of this condition being caused by the number of ladders that I must climb in my daily job requirement. I suppose that should take care of the EPTS chance.
      Thank you very much for your continued assistance.
    8. kreny2
      Thanks for the info.
    9. timbomb8
      Thank you for your vote of confidence. I am a nervous wreck. I have a family to support and getting out with no benefits at all would be devistating.
      So as far as my case goes, basically as long as I get my command to state something to the effect that shipboard work has made my condition worsen and get my PCM on the ship to say something around the same when he does my physical evaluation I really wont have anything to worry about? Also do you have any insight on how severence gets paid out when it does? I was under the impression that it gets paid within days of departing the Navy and that my last paycheck is held for one pay period(month). Does this sound about right? I have done some searching and have found contraticting answers. I know you are going out of your way to help me and I thank you.

    10. kreny2

      Hello. I'm hoping you may be able to clarify some information that is written on the DA Form 3947. In block 13a, following each of the diagnosis is a hand-written 5-digit number. I have not been able to correlate these numbers to anything in AR 40-501 and do not know where to begin looking for them. Here is the entry under number 1: Low back pain, status post L4-5 diskectomy, degenerative disk disease, and moderate to severe spinal stenosis; AR 40-501, Chap 3-39h. 722.52
      Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.
    11. jerhens
      Hello, I have questions regarding retirement verses medical retirement (MEB process). I have over 20 years of active duty service. I'm currently in WTU and I'm being medically boarded. I keep getting different information in regards to what I will be able to receive. If I'm medical retired, can I still receive a disaibitly check from VA?
      I'm told you can't receive Army disaibitly and VA together.
    12. timbomb8
      I am emailing you today because it seems that you have all of the answers. I was referred to a PEB by ortho for club foot. I am an EM2, I have been in the Navy for 6.5 years with no problems with my foot until I reached this ship 2 months ago. At that point I started having problems with my daily job requirements due to the large number of ladders onboard the LHD. I was on FFG58 prior to this for 2.5 years with no problems. My club foot surgery is noted in my medical record all the way from meps and the doctor said that I was fine. Now the Ortho doctor wrote the PEB as EPTS. I was wondering how this should come out in the end. My paperwork all started today and I would like to be able to plan for the most likely outcome. Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    13. 100DIVDrill
      I was referred here by my friend who you are helping. I didn't know I might be eligible for any compensation and had postponed my military retirement because I would lose my Tricare Reserve Select. As a Reservist I would not have Tricare retirement benefits until 60, and my civilain employer no longer offers health benefits. If i attempt to get my own policy, I would have a pre-exisiting condition. I was diagnosed with asthma, while mobilized on Active duty, and have no prior diagnosis. I was in fact a PT max for 10 years of my career. I am now only marginally fit to perform my duty position and my health has adversely impacted my abiliy to perform my civilian occupations. I don't know what to do, because I didn' feel my situation was severe compared to the guys coming back from theater, but it is imapcting my family now.
    14. hebert0911
      Hello, its been a while since i've been on pebforum.com. I was in a bad car accident and have also been in school full time. I have a question for you outside of the PEB area and am wondering if you have any advice on the situation. I don't want to post the details online so please email me if possible at daniel.a.hebert@us.army.mil
      The situation involves discrimination based on veteran status and disability in a college classroom. I hope to hear from you. I realize this may not be in your area of speciality, but I am unsure of where to go to weigh this situation. Hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank you,
      Daniel Hebert
    15. boudicca317
      Hi Jason, I contacted you about a week ago regarding my husband's final PPE Review for Marine Corps' TDRL....I finally got through SECNAVINST 1850.4E There is some help there but very little concerning PTSD. My ultimate information goal is to have a list of things that need to be sent to the Marine Corps for final determination as well as what needs to be in this letter from his doctor. Thank you for all of your help.
    16. rickusaf
      jason, i am in the air national guard. during the last four years i have been activated for the iraq war. during this time i started having fainting spells and blacking out. during the last incident when this happened i was rushed to the emergency room and they found the blackouts were being caused by my heart stopping ( sick sinus syndrome ) so i was rushed to surgery and a pacemaker was placed in my chest which will be there the rest of my life. a line of duty letter was completed. i know that they will medically discharge me. i have 20 total years of service in the air guard, with 13 of those years being active duty. upon being medically discharged, will i be able to start recieving a retirement check and medical benefits right away ? and, in your openion, will the medical board rate this condition that i have at 30% or above. thank you for your help sir.
    17. boudicca317
      Hi there Jason. I was referred to this forum by screenname brainwl on VBN. I'm extremely new to this, so please bear with me. My husband is a Marine currently on TDRL for PTSD. He is coming up on his final review and we are in the process of gathering as much info about this as possible. His VA doc has agreed to write the final narrative but I am having a heck of a time trying to find out the format for this letter. HQ has given us some info, but not a lot. If you could help with info or point me in the direction of someone who does, I would be eternally greatful. Thank you so much. ~ Alex
    18. airbr762
      well i guess i should start with i am a 11b1p i have been in for 6 years i have been hit with 1 ied no loc but daysed and knocked out 6 times from jumping my dictation was sent to dc but i am just worerd about what the army might give me i was diagnosed with post concussion syndrome ,sever migranse and daily tension headacks the thing is i wont at least 30% or tdrl becasue i planed on staying in because of the insorance my son is altsic does anyone have any knowlage oh this if so please help me out

      ps sorry for my spelling but i am a grunt lol
    19. CMS
      Thanks again for the information. Do you know if the ABCMR decides the status of the MEB or will I have to get a decison from them, then go through the MEB process? Have you heard of cases like mine before?
    20. dillonjs
      Hello Jason,
      I was placed on the TDRL 01/01/2005 for Thoracic Outlet Syndrom with Nerve pinching for 40% connected and a 1st rib resection. Now I live in the United kingdom right now with my wife and daughter and am having orders sent to me to go to Landstuhl medical hospital in Germany for my consultation for my PEB. If I can get back to a fit for duty status from the PEB. Does the Marine Corp let people go back to active duty status or do they still like to deny marine's the opportunity to go back in for the medical condition i had, but am now fit for duty from the tdrl. I've been wanting to get back in badly and can't wait to get those order's for my enlistment to start again, but am worried about being let down. any help would be great since the recruiters don't ever have a understanding as to why i was discharged and why
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    I founded this site in 2007 to provide information and a community for those military members facing disability evaluation.

    I am a former Army JAG officer who represented Soldiers at the Physical Evaluation Board. At that time, I was concerned with the lack of information available to those in the MEB/PEB process. Though I suggested that the Army set up a similar resource, this idea was denied. As I had already decided to leave the Army, I decided to set this site up to do what I think needs to be done- inform people of the process and provide information on compensation and benefits.

    I am an attorney in private practice and I only deal with military disability matters. I provide representation at the MEB/PEB, on administrative appeal, and in the Federal Courts. However, I do not discuss my services or provide legal advice as an attorney on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my services, please visit my webpage: www.peblawyer.com . If you want to contact me regarding professional services, feel free to email me at jason.perry@jeperrylaw.com.


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