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    1. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Received severance pay (17years). VA: Rates me at 80% Sleep apnea - 50%, legs 10%, 10% 10%, 10%, mental health condition 30%. Do I have to pay back all of my severance pay? What is out there that I am not asking, that I should be asking?
    2. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Can someone write to me like I am a two-year old so I can maybe, maybe understand?
      Summary. MEB: Unfitting is sleep apnea and legs. PEB: Unfitting is legs (10%). Sleep apnea removed at advice from counsel at Walter Reed who attended the PEB with me.
    3. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      VA rated me at 80% three weeks later upon discharge. Sleep apnea - 50%, legs 10%, 10% 10%, 10%, mental health condition 30%.
    4. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Long time listener, first time caller. I will try to use the least amount of words possible to get right to it. Had PEB and received 10% for condition with my legs. Walter Reed legal advisor who represented me asked me to convince the PEB to remove severe obstructed sleep apnea from PEB, otherwise, I would have to payback the severance pay. IOWs, only unfitting condition at PEB is legs at 10%.
    5. gjbarton2
      I wanted to first thank you for all the information and guidance you provide. I would like to get in contact with you if possible regarding my condition. I have Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. I am currently using multiple topical for the Psoriasis and Humira for the Arthritis. I am to the point that I feel I might need to start the med-board and would greatly appreciate your help. I am in the DC area. Thanks!
    6. tyler2015
      Mr parker, I am in need of serious counsel concerning my ipeb is there a way I can contact you for some advice like a pm? I really need to talk and was told you were the one to talk to.
    7. troy.balke
      hey Mike, its Troy Balke here. I wonder if you could have my public forum statement removed from the website? i contacted them several times with no response. thank you
    8. TorhamVet
      Sir, I am AD USAF entering the MEB process, diagnosed with AS(3+ yrs), PTSD(6 mo), and mild sleep apnea(2yrs). I am concerned all my AS symptoms will not be documented and impairments from all conditions not fully understood. Do you have any advice to get me on the right track to ensure I receive an accurate rating? I would like to ensure I tell my side of this story accurately and with appropriate evidence.
    9. MSG2014
      Mike, I hit TRANSPOC and got my final out date of 21 June 2015. I have 90 days leave, 20 days PTDY and 10 days to clear (= 120 days from today. I'd like to take my leave days and adjust my final retirement date. Is this possible, if so how? What is the regulation, policy, for this? Will I be forced out on the original date given 21 June 2015 and be forced to sell my leave days left over? Thanks.
    10. VinnyUSMC1833

      Good morning. I have a tough situation on my hands. I was retired by the PDBR 50%. My CRSC is 80%. My VA is 90%. I was given severance pay pay on 10/30/08 with no recoup. My PDBR retiremnt was August of last year in going through the process with DFAS currently. Will DFAS recoup my severance via CRSC backpay? I thought under the NDAA of 2008 I wasn't going to have anything recouped
    11. rays1981
      Sir, I came across your profile while trying to research some information, I am new to this website and am not sure how to PM you. I would like your assistance with a matter, in which i belive you could help.
    12. RagTopOval
      Good Afternoon Sir, I was wondering if you could help me out on this...I was rated 90% VA and 70% DOD. I was medically retired Nov 29, 2014 ...I retired as a Gunnery Sergeant with 14 years of service. I have not received any pay and can not get any answers here in Yuma, AZ. My question is what should I be looking at as far as payment and would I rate concurrent with offset? Thankyou
    13. USAFAMMO21

      Do I need to hire an attorney for my PDBR? If not, what of anything should I do before having my case reviewed? I was separated in July of 2006 at 20%, within 6-moths the VA changed my rating to 70%. At the time I was separated my attorney and I felt as though I should have been Medically retired. Maybe this is a chance for them to correct their findings. I appreciate any and all assistance.
    14. tarverusmc
      I found the post 2012 that you were looking for existed prior to service examples for the DoD IG.
      I would like more information on your results.
      and if you need one more example I can give you mine
    15. dasher1962
      I have been a member of the of the Air Force Reserve for 32 years. I was rated at 70% for PTSD and 30% for migraines by the VA in April. I was also given P&T and IU as well. I gave the award letter and my medical records to my unit. Six months later I have not been referred to the MEB. How long should I wait? Thank you for your time on this.
    16. RED1967
      Mr Parker I have read your posts and I learned a lot from them. I need your help Sir if you can assist me it will be greatly appreciated it. My IDES Dr. is refusing to include my sleep apnea in my NARSUM I need an appeal letter if
      you could help thank you.
    17. danieldresen
    18. simester13
      TSGLI paid initially for 30 days ADL, but further payment is repeatedly denied. I was injured in 2005, filed my claim when I became eligible in 2011. My wife is my VA Caregiver, I still have issues. I was initially rated at 0% by the Army. I am rated 100% permanent and total by VA, medically retired by PDBR. My latest TSGLI denial says my appeal must now go to ARBA. I appreciate any help.
    19. jsncassida
      i was referred to you by dad who reads all your threads. Myself and my husband have a question regarding the severance pay that is being offered My husband situation is he is getting kicked out for overweight. When we receive the severance pay will it have to be paid back once he starts to receive his VA disability. And if so is there a regulation or code that shows this.
    20. TC29
      LTC Parker - I'm sorry to bother you but I was hoping you could provide some clarification on something. Back in 2013 SecDef said all PTSD cases that had their rating dropped during a PEB from 9/11/01 until April 30, 2012 would get a letter so their case could be reviewed. I never did get a letter and I fall in that group. Any idea who I would contact?
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