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    1. jlburns
      Mr. Parker,
      I have been on Humira for the last 9 months to treat Crohn's. After I signed my MEB paperwork and I started studying VASRD codes, I realized that I should have been looked at for another condition. My GI doc had documented this condition. Will the VA see this condition or will I have to appeal it? Does Humira factor into the VA's calculation? Thank you for your assistance.
    2. wolford2014
      I need some my husbands med board was processed he was out on term leave. During his leave he was brought back in for a chapter for miscondt . they have started a chapter sep against him. Well now it isn't going to go through because of time his ETS is in the mid of May. what were trying to figure out is since they cannot chapter him wouldn't he still be get medical sep and not a general ETS.
      1. FatHawkDown
        What was the alleged misconduct?
        May 3, 2016
    3. paulaf73
      MaParker, you've helped me alot on the site your knowledge and input. I have a few questions regarding Humira/Psoriasis. I'm retiring (normal) 1 Sep, just went through the contact VA med appt., I started Humira in Oct 15. Will I get 30% or 60%? They rated the area affected at 20%, which I think is incorrect but I'll clear that up tomorrow at the VA.
    4. Firefighter_142
      Maparker, Can you give me any insight on where I'm at in the PEB process, My peblo said I was at the Pre-VA QA part where they make sure everythings correct before sending it back to the VA or to my Peblo to find me fit/unfit, with that being said how soon will I know an answer? I also have so further questions regarding my process if you could possibly start a convo with me, Thanks in advance.
    5. geo8251
      MaParker, Just began the PEB process at 18 yrs 7 months. Primary reason is Spondyloarthropathy. For someone that wants to continue to retirement, should I wait for the results to submit statement that Anthrax vaccines may be directly related to this condition. Currently on Humira and MTX and I can no longer fly. I appreciate any assistance.
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    6. lesco431
      My service connected disabilities are making it very difficult for me to continue drilling. I will have the option to either take the discharge or pursue the MEB/PEB route. Could this result in the lowering of my already established VA rating of 80% if they determine my injuries are less severe then the VA did.
    7. topco130
      I retired in 2013. I was found medically unfit to continue being a pilot after my 3rd tour in Afghanistan. I thought I was going to be medically retired, but literally days before my retirement they said I didn't qualify even though my medical condition ended my flying career. I was rated 40% by the VA. Can you advise me if I have any recourse?
    8. Sapper74
      MaParker, I have a couple question, I have been reading your forums and you are the most knowledgable person I have found while scanning several sites. I am confused on how I am to proceed? All the guidance I am getting for several CSMs and other NCOs are all different and I do not want to be miss lead in the wrong direction. Is there a way I can send you my email or something... Please advise
    9. geo8251
      I have been to Afg, IRAQ and taken alot of Anthrax vaccines. I am coming off of 12 months of LIMDU, diagnosed with spondy an taking MTX and humira and as an aircrewman my rheumatologist is submitting me for med brd at 18.5 years. During the C&P and only minor discomfort what could the outcome be? At one point this affected all my joints and can barely move but the meds work.
    10. kokelley
      How does a National Guard soldier qualify for CRDP? My husband has 17 "good" years. In that 17, is including 5 active, and 12 National Guard. He currently has an 80% VA Disability rating, and we are trying to determine the timing to initiate an MEB.
    11. antjuanjones1893
      I was told I am being retired at 40%, and being placed on PDRL. I was told be the PDBR that ARBA sent my letter out on the 23 of October, and ARBA told me after responding to my email that the letter may not have been mailed out on that date. From that date until now I still have not received my letter, and I wanted to humbly know if you have a contact to ARBA?
    12. brokenwings
      Currently in the process of rebutting my ratings. It has been a bad experience since then and now I am about to land in DC next week for my formal board. I can't trust anyone who supposedly represent my case and there to help me. I learn a lot from your posting and wish you can be my counselor throughout this whole ordeal of nightmare.
    13. Rykoff
      1. Rykoff1
        Mike this is Denver. I can't access my other account or see the other conversation we are having. So if you have replied to my comment I am sorry I have not been able to reply to you.

        If you have a contact for getting access to my other profile I would appreciate it.
        Oct 15, 2015
    14. CSM
      I am receiving SMC-S...I started receiving this one I was grant 100% for a combat related injury...But I have other disabilities that are non combat that is 60% or more...Will SMC-s be a part of my CRSC rating when it is done.
    15. CSM
      I am on the tdrl for a disability at 70%..I recently had a C&P exam at the VA which rated me 100 p &T. does the army Peb have to grant me 100%.
    16. lostmind1989
    17. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Received severance pay (17years). VA: Rates me at 80% Sleep apnea - 50%, legs 10%, 10% 10%, 10%, mental health condition 30%. Do I have to pay back all of my severance pay? What is out there that I am not asking, that I should be asking?
    18. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Can someone write to me like I am a two-year old so I can maybe, maybe understand?
      Summary. MEB: Unfitting is sleep apnea and legs. PEB: Unfitting is legs (10%). Sleep apnea removed at advice from counsel at Walter Reed who attended the PEB with me.
    19. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      VA rated me at 80% three weeks later upon discharge. Sleep apnea - 50%, legs 10%, 10% 10%, 10%, mental health condition 30%.
    20. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Long time listener, first time caller. I will try to use the least amount of words possible to get right to it. Had PEB and received 10% for condition with my legs. Walter Reed legal advisor who represented me asked me to convince the PEB to remove severe obstructed sleep apnea from PEB, otherwise, I would have to payback the severance pay. IOWs, only unfitting condition at PEB is legs at 10%.
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