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I finally medically retired on 27 May 13. Updates and specific details to come. Jul 26, 2013

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Dec 26, 2016
    1. medicalmystery
      I finally medically retired on 27 May 13. Updates and specific details to come.
    2. Marlex
      I was just told I was approved to go into a WTU to start the MEB process. The only 2 options are FT Hood or at FT Polk. I am currntly station in Arkansas. I am an Active duty CPT with 24 years of Active Sevice and I really want to focus on transitioning out of the Army while getting my medical needs taking care of. Which WTU is a better fit with resource and less headaches?
      Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
      1. medicalmystery
        You definitely don't want to go to Polk!!
        May 10, 2013
    3. medicalmystery
      VA exams-May 30-Narsum-Sep 10-IPR ext-Sep 13-IPR-Oct 1 MEB doc-Oct 5-IPR review/appeal- Oct 30-Appeal review/expedition
    4. NDBravehart84
      Hit Forums..... third tab from top left..... go down to CASE TIMELINES.........I think that's where you need to be
      1. medicalmystery
        Got it, finally!! Thanks!
        Jun 13, 2012
    5. NDBravehart84
      Is this what your trying to update: medicalmystery Mar 19, 2012-referred to MEB Apr 24-visited with MEB DOC-................. ???????????
      1. medicalmystery
        I guess that didn't work either-too many characters
        Jun 13, 2012
    6. medicalmystery
      Mar 19, 2012-MEB referred-VA exams completed May 30, NARSUM requested Jun 13-emergency surgery Jun 25-still waiting
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    Mar 19, 2012-referred to MEB
    Mar 30-met with MEB Case Manager
    Apr 24-visited with MEB DOC-to turn in 2807 and ERB
    Apr 30-issued "permanent" P3 profile
    May 2-Commander's statement requested
    May 3-met with PEBLO
    May 4-met with VA MSC-
    May 11-began VA C&P exams
    May-30 completed VA C&P exams
    June 1-Applied for SSDI online-which was initially approved for a later onset date-completed Reconsideration-approved and later received back pay
    June 8-notified by PEBLO that she needs my Commander's Statement within 2 days
    June-13-informed by PEBLO that Commander statement was received and NARSUM was requested
    June 25-had emergency gallbladder removal surgery; informed it could not be added and to wait to file a new claim once this claim was completed by PEBLO and VA
    July 27-NARSUM "pre"-review with MEB doctor; was told that the NARSUM would take about "another month" to complete
    SEP 6-PEBLO scheduled appointment for NARSUM review and rescheduled to SEP 10 as she said it was scheduled for SEP 5.
    SEP 10-NARSUM review; noticed a lot of missing issues and errors; scheduled appointment for MEB counsel
    SEP 12-MEB counsel requested 5-day extension to gather needed evidence for IPR
    SEP 20-MEB counsel meeting to prepare IPR
    SEP 24-Picked up IPR enclosure to give to PEBLO
    OCT 1-Met with MEB physician to review IPR
    OCT 5-Met with PEBLO to review IPR and requested appeal
    Oct 30-Appeal review/expedition requested and granted
    Oct 31-Packet went to PEB
    Dec 2012-received a LUMP sum for SSDI payments-YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Feb 19-received proposed ratings
    Feb 22-Request VA reconsideration-(I completed the request myself)
    Apr 1-received favorable VA reconsideration increased from DOD-70% to 90% and VA from 90% to 100%
    Apr 5-199 signed and concurred with ratings
    Apr 10-MEB checklist completed and all copies returned to PEBLO
    Apr 24-Transition Appt. and Clearing
    May 2-Final Out--Sooooooo long Fort Polk!!!!!!!!!!!
    May 27-Medically Retired
    July 1-First DOD retirement check
    Sep 14-Claim closed-VA finalized ratings of 100%
    Sep 18-Backpay deposited into account