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Discussion in 'PEB Community Forum' started by Liviadus, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Liviadus

    Liviadus PEB Forum Veteran

    Hello all,
    I signed my election of options form from the meb on June 1st. I was rated unfit with severance.
    I still have yet to receive my Orders I called my PSD and they told me it shouldn't take more then 21 days. Its been 33, I was told I cannot begin my checkout until after i receive my orders. I have less then 28 days left and I'm still trying to take a couple days of leave so I can go down to where I'm moving and get school and everything else set-up as well as I still need to request an advance for my dity move which I cannot do until I receive my orders. Anyone have any ideas as to how much longer it'll be til I get my orders? Does anyone know a phone number that I can call to find out the status? Thank you for your time.
  2. NDBravehart84

    NDBravehart84 PEB Forum Veteran

    You mean you signed your 199 for the PEB correct? And your awaiting your seperation orders....
    Mine took 16 days for review, then it went to HRC and they picked my release date,
    which took another 11 days.... Then it was set to my PEBLO and "Transiton Branch"
    on Post, they had it a week... (that's 34 days) and there weren't any holidays so I
    would say you should get yours Thursday or Friday this week .... Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
    Call the"Transition Branch" or "Seperations Branch" Thursday Morning..... GOOD LUCK ;)
    BTW your release date may not be the same as your ETS Date.... so you still should get to
    take leave.... look for housing, schools, employment, etc., etc., etc., :)
  3. Liviadus

    Liviadus PEB Forum Veteran

    It wasn't the 199 it says IDES election of options IPEB unfit finding. It's the form I was given that asks what day I would like to get out up to 60 days from the day I signed it. At the bottom right corner it says (5-12). Do you know if when the orders are cut if I will be able to see them on Bupers online? Or will it not show there because they're special orders. Thank you for your time.
  4. NDBravehart84

    NDBravehart84 PEB Forum Veteran

    Not a Clue... I'm Legacy with 1300 days in the process...
    I still have to seek a rating from VA... :eek:
  5. alibs

    alibs PEB Forum Veteran

    I thinks its the same thing, I'm Navy (IDES) and mines was called an election of options. I took the sep with severance. And now going on 4rth week and no orders nor message yet. My PSD just keeps telling me to come back later, I just want to get the ball rolling on my seperaton check out and exams. Last I talk to my PEBLO (when I singed my election of options), he said thas it between us unless I have any questions. Gave me a copy and told a message would be sent out. I had the option of 30-60 days to get out, I selected 60, so if I did take the 30 I would be out tommorow.

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