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    Currently been in the PEB process sense 12/20/2012 according to AKO. Just trying to figure out If there is someone I can talk to besides my PEBLO on where exactly my packet is. My peblo said my rating should come back sometime in the middle of april which has passed. I really wanted to clear in May and start terminal in June but thats prob not going to happen. Once I get my rating and orders how long do I have before I have to be out of the army.

    Sidenote - I have a SGT in the same company I am with the same PEBLO and he said he used his congressman to get his rating back. We started our MEB's around the same time and he said that he called them and they sent him a privacy act wavier and had his ratings later that week. Is that a good Idea or am I going to get yelled at for not using my chain of command.
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    In my opinion, implement the necessary processes that you believe is best for your specific situation, but keep in mind of any potential negative residual effects.

    To that extent, if you are will the accept the potential negative residual effects, then go for it! Otherwise, it maybe in your best interest to wait until the maximum published IDES timelines are exceeded then proceed with the assistance of numerous 3rd party organizations.

    Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer."

    Best Wishes!
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    Have you visited the Ombudsman's Office yet... They are connected to everything in the military stream of things and only answer to the DCS at the Hospital. I also know they twist a lot of PEBLO's tails to make things work...
    Mention to them that you are considering a Congressional Inquiry and don't want to do that unless it's necessary. I'm sure they will help you find the answers you seek... ;)
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    I was on TDRl for four years. I sought outside medical treatment went physical therapy for a few weeks to recoup my back. I got my one and only evaluation date in April 2013. After I received my NARSUM my new PEBLO informs me that I could only submit documents within a 12 month period only from my appointment date. So all the documents I had to help my case were not submitted because they were outside the 12 month period only. This of course resulted in getting a 20% with severance pay also because I have 13 years and change of service. I was never once told anything about a 12 month only period for documents to be submitted. Fact finding on the internet never showed anything about only 12 months to include going to the office because I stayed local. So as disturbed as I was about this I decided to contact my local congress office to initiate an inquiry about this lack of information. Then I decided to appeal my case with a formal hearing and counselor present on the 25th of April. Well needless to say on the 9th of May I received my orders removing me from the TDRL process and DFAS paperwork stating 20% and severance pay. I was upset that my appeal was never answered for and thus this system failed me. Now my pay is cut off from now on because effective date was May first. So now I am going to be in the fight of my life this coming week not only to find answers on why this system failed and why it was a waste of time for me. I sincerely hope that other soldiers who suffer with this process find answers and please do not take it fight your cases. I will be implementing a Congressional claim because I know they can help. I do not care about receiving the severance its money I deserve after all this now I just want answers and to forget this whole nightmare. FIGHT YOUR CASES SOLDIERS. You have been told for years to do whats right even with this process and they can't do right themselves when their own policies and regulations are not kept. Thank you and hope your time in TDRL goes better then mine..
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    In retrospect...

    Welcome to the PEB Forum! :)

    Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer."

    Best Wishes!
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    Are you looking for help/guidance with your situation? If so, repost in a new thread.

    Something to add beyond the whole 12-month-medical-record-thing is that a few experts on this site feel that all TDRL evaluations/processes should be handled by the VA...sounds like yours was DoD, correct?
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    Update: 14 days ago I called the VA to find out the status of my claim. They informed me that the VA office is Seattle was carrying too many claims so they sent mine to Baltimore MD.

    I log on (ebenefits) today to find out that my claim was completed May 28 2013 on ebenefits it says type of claim (Special Correspondence) Your claim is complete. A letter will be sent to you via U.S. mail formally documenting the completion of your claim. Please allow standard delivery time prior to contacting the VA call center.I scroll up and find a new claim was opened on the on the 28 of may in Seattle WA! I have not heard anything from my PEBLO about a rating thus far. I plan on calling the VA this afternoon and hopefully can get further details. Does anyone have any insight on this matter.
  8. ceilingfan

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    Ebenefits is unreliable. Your case could be complete or it could not be...

    Your PEBLO should be tracking that your case was sent to Baltimore from Seattle if in fact that is the case. So, first thing I would do is contact your PEBLO to see if he/she is aware of your case being moved. And have PEBLO look into if your ratings are done and forwarded to PEB.

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