Secretary of Defense Gates On Disability Evaluation System

Discussion in 'Video Forums' started by Jason Perry, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Jason Perry

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    YouTube - Gates on Disability System

  2. jim1960

    jim1960 PEB Forum Veteran

    He made it sound like the pilot program is the new standard. I hope this will help all those that have been in the old MEB/PEB process that should have gotten the same benefits as those in the pilot.
  3. cvma544

    cvma544 PEB Forum Veteran

    Well I guess we will see when my latest VA rating gets here, and then I present it to the PEBLO.

    I guess the gotcha will be what is considered fitting and unfitting. I guess some of the ratings of 10 and 20% in some things will now be okay for the DOD now?


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