Senator Merkley, Oregon, and CRDP

Discussion in 'Other Benefits' started by nwlivewire, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. nwlivewire

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    Jul 27, 2009
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    Dear [nwlivewire],

    Thank you for contacting me to share your views about Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay (CRDP). It is an honor to serve as your Senator, and I appreciate hearing from you.
    As someone who once worked in the Department of Defense, I am keenly aware of the debt of service we owe to our veterans. I am pleased that over the past five years there have been steady advances made in extending concurrent receipt authorization to many retired veterans. For example, the 2004 National Defense Authorization Act authorized CRDP phased in over a 10-year period for retirees with at least a 50% disability. In 2005, retirees rated at 100% were entitled to no offsets effective January 1, 2005. And most recently in 2008, expanded concurrent receipt eligibility to retirees rated at 100% due to individual unemployability and Chapter 61 retirees who retired due to combat-related physical disability prior to completing 20 years of service. [I bolded this part]
    As you know, the President's budget included a provision to extend eligibility to non-disability military retirees and all other Chapter 61 retirees. Although there is currently no legislation pending before the U.S. Senate which would enact this change, please know I will keep your views in mind should this issue come before the full Senate.
    Thank you again for sharing your views with me, and please continue to keep me informed about issues that concern you most.


    Jeffrey A. Merkley
    United States Senator

    For some reason, I thought a Servicemember had to have a 20 year letter - no matter what - in order to apply for CRDP.

    Is the Senator correct?

    If a Servicemember does not have a 20-year letter, and is eligible (like Senator Merkley's letter implies), where is the source document that tells me about this and any other qualifications needed under this less than 20 year scenario?

    Thank-you for your response in advance - one and all!

  2. fanaticbooks

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    I am not very familiar with this area. I have done a couple of fast letters that mention stuff (See Veterans Benefits Network, Policies & Procedures for that topic) BUT I did find the following pdf document.

    Maybe reading it you will find the answer to your question. I think it is on about Page 10 or 11.

    At least I THINK it is what you are asking....this from someone who is really unknowing about the subject. :)

  3. joshgo

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    I think the problem is the wording he used. It sounds like he means those who served 20+ years because the only time he mentions what's available to people who didn't do 20 is CRSC. You know what I'm saying? Also he only says Chap 61 retirees when mentioning CRSC, implying that the other program (CRDP) is only available if you put your 20 years in (nothing new there).

    As for the letter: In everything I have read, CRDP is supposed to be automatic. Now, we all know that the DOD and the services never make mistakes especially when it comes to finance. And DFAS always does they're job right... [haha, you're feeling the sarcasm here right?] So it would be best to have a 20 year letter in hand to prove that you should be getting CRDP.
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    CRSC does not require 20 years.

    CRDP requires 20 years for Chapter61 retirees. Non Chapter 61 retirees do not require 20 years for CRDP.

    CRDP is automaically paid.

    CRSC must be applied for.

    Cannot get both CRSC and CRDP.

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