Tax Question. Distribution code in block 7 of 1099-R

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    I'm wondering if anyone else is running into the same problem I am. I was medically retired at the end of 2010. This is the first year I am doing my taxes with retirement income. I noticed when I was filing, that block 7 on my 1099-R is a code 7 which means normal distribution as apposed to code 3 which is for disability income.

    I believe this is due to the error in my 214 when I got out. It said that I voluntarily retired due to length of service. I had it fixed but I don't think DFAS fixed it on their end and it's still not showing as disability retirement. This may not seem like a big deal but as I tweaked with the tax program I found that with a code 7 in there, I'm not eligible for the Earned Income Credit but with a code 3 I am. For me, this is a difference of $8,000!

    I think I should be eligible for it due to this IRS Publication 596. It says:

    I'm calling DFAS tomorrow to see if they need to change it but can anyone else tell me what their code is?

    More info:
    I'm not eligible for CRSC and I'm not yet getting VA comp.
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    Can anyone answer this? I called and DFAS basically told me the (even though I am 100% disabled) my retirement income is not considered disability income. That it should be a 7 not a 3.

    IRS publications say for a distribution code of 3 use Internal Revenue Code Section 72 (m)(7)

    Sounds to me like it should qualify... Any help here?
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    Not sure, but my instinct is that the distinction is between a 100% schedular rating and a rating for unemployablitly (such as an IU finding and/or disability under SSDI for being unable to engage in substantially gainful activity). Are you working now? Do you have regular income, other than your disability payments?
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    I called DFAS again the next day and talked to someone who knew a little more and was more helpful. He said that the IRS sent DFAS a directive memo in 1991 requiring them to insert a 7 in that block regardless if the person's retirement is from disability or LOS. I asked for a copy of that memo and he's sending it to me. He said he understood my dilemma, that one number different would have my income considered a wages and therefor earned income but they are more concerned with it being taxed properly. So basically there is nothing I can do.

    Maybe if my conditions were combat-related (CRSC) and therefore tax-free, that number would be a 3. Oh well. Thanks for your input!
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