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I have done some calling around to the VA sites and talked to "the guy" who knows all about this in Muskogee Oklahoma and I gave him my Scenerio. He says I would qualify. That is good but I know it means squat till I get it in writing. Which will be a while. But if this comes to pass how exactly does one work out the CRSC amount?

Background: Yes I hurt myself on a trainig/deployment while returning CBR gear to the CONEX boxes on the Tralier. As I stepped off the trailer onto the stair/ladderwell it collapsed and I got my injury (see Ortho thread for all that).

But if this is correct and I or someone gets CRSC is there a number that can be figured out prior to separation/retirement so one can figure out their finances without waiting? Or is it a big game of darts and you get "blank" as where the dart fell?

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DFAS has a calculation on thier website: Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) . This can give you an idea of what you may recieve, but they also have to take into account dependents, etc...

The other thing to keep in mind is that CRSC was designed to offset the money coming out of your retirement pay through a VA waiver for any combat-related disabilities. Because of that, your CRSC pay can not exceed your VA waiver amount or your military retired pay based on length of service.

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The CRSC calculation is the biggest bunch of bureaucratic bullshit I have ever seen. The spirit of the law is to concurrently allow retirees to collect their meager retirement and their meager disability compensation for their combat related injuries so that they can live on today's economy. What DoD has done with this law is a joke!! Once again, a twenty year pogue gets much more consideration than a combat veteran who was forced out because of combat related injuries. There should be no "time in service" offset, the formula should be straight-up and clear..medical retirement (based on current formula) + VA disability payment for combat related injuries = monthly compensation. How do these politicians live with themselves? 1 Trillion dollars to prop up the fatcats in the banking industry who continue to walk away from their jobs with millions in golden parachutes. Combat veterans continue to get thrown crumbs from the table. The lesson is clear: screw your country = get rich , serve your country = get screwed!!!!!!!!!!!