DVT, Lifetime COUMADIN (Warfarin) ... Questions on rating and input


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For anyone following this thread..

I met with my PEBLO and VA case manager on the 26th to discuss my findings. ended up with DOD 40%/VA 40% and signed the papers. Now I'm just waiting on orders then out in 20 days on terminal!

heres my timeline:
2/17/2012 - Claim started and submitted
3/22/2012 - sent to AFPC (now this is the point where they find you unfit. "if they havent contacted you for 8 weeks, then most likely you will be found unfit")
5/16/2012 - Found UNFIT (my birthday, ironic huh?)
5/21/2012 - VA received claim
6/6/2012 - VA ebenefits.com said "Appeal is Possible- Decision notification sent"
7/16/2012 - Peblo receives findings
7/26/2012 - signed away on findings

now i just have my exit brief with the VA case manager today, 7/30. should be about 2 weeks to receive orders to get out.



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thanks diablos

how long did it take to get your orders after you signed?

and yea hopefully with the new IDES youll actually get paid next month. let me know if ya do!


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Really? Why's that? After u get ur orders did ur 20 days start immediately? And I'd they let u take the 20 days permissive? Supposedly after my 20 outprocessing days I'm doing the permissive and terminal and driving home asap


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you have to count back from your dos on your orders with the amount of terminal and permissive you have.

so i got my orders in march and had enough leave to be on terminal in april until my dos. if not your stuck at work twiddling your thumbs.

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Carl, it sounds like our situations are similar, and you sound knowledgeable about PE's and the military. So here's my story:

About 45 days ago I had severe pain in my calf and extreme shortness of breath after running a mile. Very unusual for a guy who has scores 295 on the PT test for the last 6 years. This got worse over a couple of weeks until I knew something was wrong and made a doc's appt. I was subsequently diagnosed with PE (many bilateral clots, some small, some large). Then I was referred to a hematologist who thought the DVT was caused by "blunt force trauma" to the leg (like the heavy pounding motion of running.) I was also diagnosed with a heterozygous gene mutation that produces overclotting, and I was put on lifelong Warfarin. The paperwork for a MEB is underway. I'm coming up on 10 years active duty.

Carl, the thing that caught my eye is that you were found to be "symptomatic PE following resolution." That sounds like you still had a PE or the symptoms of it after being anti-coagulated, and that's why you got the 30%. Without the recurrence of a PE or its symptoms, I'm inferring that you would NOT have gotten the 30%?

Couple of questions:

1. Is this combination of a DVT, PE, hereditary clotting disorder, and lifelong Warfarin an automatic disqualifier for me? Or is it MOS-specific? That is, if my MOS does not involve activity that could provoke future clots, might they retain me?

2. On the other hand, if I'm found unfit for duty, do I sound like a candidate for discharge with severance or a candidate for medical retirement?

Thanks for your help.
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