Fort Hood Timeline

I haven't been able to get the MEDPROS MEB page to load up once for me throughout this entire process, so all of these dates are from my calendar:

04MAY18 - REC'D P3 For Lower Back Injury
11MAY18 - Initial Appt w/ PEBLO
16MAY18 - MEB Inbriefwere
17MAY18 - VA Claim
12JUN18 - 1st C&P Appt
22JUN18 - Final C&P Appt
27JUN18 - NARSUM Appt
02JUL18 - Met with PEBLO to review 3497.
Requested Legal Review
Lawyer submitted IMR request (my C&P measurements were WAY off, and not nearly enough to get me to 30%, so I requested an IMR to add to my unfitting conditions)
09JUL18 - IMR found no change to my initial MEB findings
10JUL18 - Signed 3497
13JUL18 - Rec'd PEB Unfit Memo
13JUL18 - Checked ebenefits for the first time, it says "pending decision approval", FWIW

If I appreciate anything from this process, it is that everyone's situations are SO incredibly unique. While I know that I could dispute the C&P measurements, or my PTSD, or my historical anaphylaxis episodes... I'm just. Tired. When the IMR was essentially kicked back, I thought my world was ending. I was SO focused on HAVING to get to 30% and PDRL.

Reality (after spending a ton of time talking to my BH doc) is that this is going to work out the way it's supposed to. 18/21 conditions I claimed were confirmed by my C&P's, so I will see something from the VA. My unfit memo has the "V4- yes" on it, so I understand that to mean that the VA will not recoup my severance. And my severance will be substantial enough for me to be debt-free.

I have a ton of respect for the folks on here grinding it out to get what they no-doubt deserve. I'm grateful that I'm in a position to move on start my next chapter. Thank you for the vast amount of helpful information here.
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