Found fit despite Injury HELP!!!

So I’ve been on 2 LIMDU’s for degenerative disk, arthritis of the spine, narrowing of the spine and siatica nerve pain due to disk in lower spine. I’ve seen the pain clinic, Orthopedic and my PCM many times. The pain clinic said I was fit for duty despite not improving, Ortho was at first going to give me a Med Board but the surgeon came back later to say because what I have is a condition and not an injury and that he doesn’t recommend me for surgery that it’s either finish my contract or administrative separation. And my PCM was initially going to start me on a PEB based on my records but got a call from the pain clinic saying I’m fit so he said he has to go along with the doctors at the pain clinic. I looking for advice, have not gotten any better I have actually gotten worse, but back is constantly hurting 24/7. PT didn’t help, pills don’t help nor does yoga, mind and body wellness nor injection. They are looking to admin separate me if they don’t find me a spot on shore duty, even though on the navy legal website it states if not improved after 2 two LIMDU cycles the sailor must be referred to a medical board. I know life isn’t fair but I got hurt in the navy on deployment and now they’re just going to throw me to the VA. I have a family and my wife is currently in nursing school and can’t work, I not worried about returning back into the world(college) I’m just worried about the financial security side of it(being able to care of my family). I Dont know if I should keep fighting my case (I’m just physically and mentally drained) or just take the administration separation. Thank you any advice would help.


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Confused on how they would admin seperate you unless you have something going on other than medical? In order to deny the reenlistment they have to provide some sort of reason, even that means acknoledging the medical condition.
Exactly I have never been in trouble my whole career no captains mass no dui not anything. I’ve been waived from the prt 3 times for the same thing I’ve done in jections in my lower back multiple times I’ve done PT and yoga and a pain program and have been on LIMDU twice yet everyone keeps saying I’m fine to return back to duty(without any light duty chit)and that I don’t need a peb or med board .
Exactly. But who is? I talked to my commander today about it and he said “to me you need a med board” I said exactly sir I’m just asking for a fair chance to be fully evaluated. He asked “ well why don’t they just do a PEB to see what happens”. I said “I ask for that but they keep saying I’m fit for full I’m perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with me. Even though my MRI says differently. Can you request a med board or PEB?
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