I need some direction


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Nov 20, 2010
I signed for my board officially last week and was told to expect an answer around Christmas and then to appeal in January. My supervision and doctors have been nothing but supportive and answered my questions but now I am overwhelmed and need a starting point to start writing my appeal. I ws told that with my injuries I was to expect 10-20% and to expect to appeal to get above 30. This is coming from the PEBLO and 3 doctors involved in my case. Heres the rundown of what happened

September 2009 ruptured L5/S1 lifeflighted for 8 hours of surgery spent a month in the hospital to learn to dress myself and walk again. I now have moderate nerve damage causing a numb right leg with shooting pain. I have difficulty urinating and getting/maintaining an erection and have almost no reflex in my ankle all

December 2009 2 level fusion in my neck

November 2010 installation of Spinal Cord Stimulator

13 years in and an E6 all injuries were duty related but not combat related

I know it is alot and have no idea what to expect during the appeal, how to do it etc. If I could please get some insight and direction and even some opinions I would greatly appreciate it.