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Is an Air Force MTP authorize to medical discharge an Non Active Air Force Soldier where there is no other military MTF in the state(s) and if so what is policy and where can it be found.

My Husband, is going through HELL with his Cdr because the Cdr say the Air Force it is not authorized. His stress level is so worn out that he might have a heart attack. His PCM recommended my husband to MEB because of all the injuries he sustain during duty. Please help me Help my Husband.

A Soldier's Wife on Guard Duty


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This question is something that Jason would know. He will get with you shortly.

Unless someone else knows?


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I’m sorry, I was a little confused by some of your comments so waited to see if someone from your service had any input.

The MTF does not discharge people; they start the disability evaluation process by initiating a MEB.

An Air Force (or Navy and Army) MTF may initiate a MEB on members of other services (in your case a soldier), but the case is forwarded to the nearest (or designated) MTF of the member’s service. The parent service MTF decides if the case is sufficient for their service specific needs and processes the case just like any of their personnel or coordinates any needed items.

Example: when I was in Phoenix, I did MEBs on everyone at an AF MTF. My Army cases went to Ft Huachuca and all my Navy and Marine cases went to San Diego. Those MTFs then processed those cases through their services PEBs.

I hope that helps. Good Luck
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