little help with DA 7652


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slight back brief, flexible pes planus (surgery for both feet) new podiatrist says i have sinus tarsi syndrome/tendonitis/bursitis. was told to fill out the da 7652 and this is what I came up with. any advice would be appreciated to make the statement stronger. Also, I am in a special duty assignment so while I would be required to work 12hr shifts and things of that nature in a normal assignment, I am not required to at my current assignment. the DA 3349 is lacking functional limitations so i was having a bit of a time attempting to give substantial wording to the document.

Although SGT XXX shows potential to continue being an asset to the Army, his career progression has stagnated due to the subsequent profiles associated with his surgeries. SGT XXX bi-lateral foot pain has prevented him from performing the APFT. His inability to wear military footwear and uniforms for a minimum of 12 hours per day hinders his duties as a 25P20. I feel that SGT XXX is unable to perform the physical requirements associated with his military occupational specialty with the ankle, knee and back pain from his altered gait. Furthermore, SGT XXX inability to evade direct and indirect fire increases his liability in a hostile environment.


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If you're looking for disqualifying factors, just run down the list of common skill tasks. While as a Microwave Systems Operator you may not have many limitations, the general tasks that the army sets out for you in 350-10 are more demanding. A couple just off the top of my head that come to mind are:

071-326-0503 Move Over, Through, or Around Obstacles
071-331-1004 Perform Duty as a Guard
071-326-0501 Move as a Member of a Fire Team

I'm fairly certain Combatives are out as well. The references are available, and the limitations on a permanent profile may also be a good place to start.