MEB process with Rheumatoid Arthritis


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Jun 21, 2012
I enlisted in the Air Force on 21 July 2004. I am a SSgt and am currently stationed at my 4th base at Moody AFB as Security Forces. 1st base S. Korea, 2nd Aviano Italy where i deployed to Camp Bucca Iraq for 6 months, 3rd was Minot. I left my previous duty station (Minot) with 2 injuries (r knee, l elbow). Minot wouldnt do the surgeries since I was in the middle of the PCS process which was not a big deal. I arrived at Moody on July 2010 and right away was referred to a sports doc/surgeon off base. During the knee surgery they discovered that I may have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). 1 1/2 months later i had my elbow surgery and they discovered the same thing in that joint and along w the arthoscopy pics and blood work it was confirmed. Still currently have Mild to moderate RA with an average of 2-3 flare-ups a month. I take several meds along with a Humirah pen shot 2x a month. I never had joint pain or any other problems until the injuries and surgeries. I am now in the process of a MEB which AFPC just confirmed that they require a full MEB now. Next week I have a meeting with a VA rep. Does anyone have RA or know someone with it that has gone through a MEB. What should I expect to get out of it and is Medical Retirement a possibility?