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Hi yall, Im new to the forum so if I posted this in the wrong place please forgive me.

Ill give you a little History about myself first,
I was a SSgt in the Air Force and was a Structural troop in CE. I have been to Iraq 2 time and Afghanistan once. While over there I was exposed to the burn pit all 3 times but my last I was at BIAP and built a camp right next to the burn pit (I could throw a rock and hit it, it was so close) now I have "asthma" so they call it anyhow and they gave me TDRL for this issue. I really wish that the Government would accept their screw up and start paying all troops for forcing them to be exposed to those pits.
My question:
I have been on TDRL for the past 18 months and just finished up my first evaluation at Lackland AFB, TX.
Just looking to see if anyone knows about how long its taking for the board to make a decision on whether to keep me on TDRL, Retire, or Fit for Duty which Im sure would never happen since they keep giving me more meds to control my asthma.
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