Medical Hold


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I am new and hope I am posting in the right forum. My son is a Marine and has been on Medical Hold since March. This has kept him from going on to his MOS. He has received a lot of run around and trying to get off medical hold but has had little success. He had went for a checkup after having pneumonia and the Dr. on base told him he had an issue with his heart so he was put on medical hold. It took them forever to get him setup to wear a heart monitor and then once he wore it it took 6 weeks to get the results and they never called him with the results. He had gone back to medical because his light duty papers needed to be updated and they told him while he was there that he had an irregular heart beat. They also told him they were going to schedule a Cardiogram and an appointment with a Civilian Cardiologist. This took forever to get scheduled and then another 3 weeks to get the results. He went back to base dr. and the Dr. told him nothing was wrong with him and wanted to know why he was on Medical hold.

My concern is that they are blaming him for being on medical hold when they are the ones who have to put him there. If nothing is wrong why did he have to be on medical hold for 4 months? He still has not received paper work to see a Civilian Cardiologist. When he called to see if they had been sent referral they had not received anything from the Marines. The doctor onsite would not talk to him about this and then gave him 1 day of light duty. I am not sure what he needs to do to get this resolved. He does not want to leave the Marines and has never had issues with his heart. He feels like they are trying to kick him for being on Medical hold and never asked to be put on this.

My question is he does not know what to do? He would just like to make sure his heart is okay and then go on to his MOS. We are just not sure what his options are and what he needs to do to get cleared and back to MOS. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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