Mental Health QTC exam questions


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Mar 21, 2012
Here is what my QTC exams say.

Physical Exam Diagnosis: mTBI with objective factors of post concussive symptoms with memory changes, mood changes, sleep disorder, and headaches since IED blast in 2006. The claimant's head injury can be classified as a "diffused atonal injury".
The claimant has the result of the head injury: *post concussive symptoms, diagnosis is mood changes, memory lapse. This is due to service related TBI. *Migraine headaches. The diagnosis is migraine. This is due to the service related TBI.

Psych diagnosis: For the claimed condition of Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depressed Mood, Fot the claimants claimed condition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, For the claimants claimed condition of Memory Lapse/Loss. The other diagnosis for Axis I diagnosis is Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depressed Mood, Cognitive Disorder, NOS.
The multiple Axis I diagnoses are related and the secondary diagnosis does not represent a progression of the primary diagnosis because the primary diagnosis of PTSD stands alone as a diagnosis following the trauma while he was on deployment and the other diagnoses are related to and persist due to other causes. Axis II: none detected. Axis III. Pelvic pain, bilateral shoulder pain, lower back pain, TBI, sleep apnea, sciatica right leg, bilateral hearing loss and tinnitus. Axis I'VE: occupational, social. Axis X: 72

mTBI: 2006 multiple IED blast, 2010 HMMWV rollover
PTSD: started after deployment to Liberia 2003, again 2006 in Iraq
Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depressed mood: 2010 HMMWV rollover

My question are:
Have you guys seen all these diagnosis combined to one? Or do you think they will rate each a rating?
I know the TBI is physical and the other two are psychological, but reading threads I have seen that some got a rating of combined TBI/PTSD.

Thanks for your help!