Migraine & DOD Rating


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UPDATE - Need Advice ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.K guys, I have an update and need advice ASAP! My MEB was postponed after a whole lot of drama (too much to get into) and my package finally went before the local board. The recommendation of the local board is "Return to Duty". The package will be sent up to the IPEB next week for a final determination. From what I have been reading this could take anywhere from 14-20 weeks. Now I am in a bit of a predicament. My Date of Separation is coming up next month and I have a great job lined up that I really would like to jump on while the opportunity exists.
My question for you all is this:
If the local board recommends "Return to Duty". What are the chances of the IPEB overturning the local board's recommendation and giving me a rating?

If the local board recommends "Return to Duty". What are the chances of the IPEB following the local board's recommendation and returning me to duty?

My thought process is that if the IPEB is more than likely to follow the local board recommendation of "Return to Duty" then I might as well get out when my DOS comes up and take this awesome job opportunity. I guess I can always look forward to the VA compensation. I am afraid that If I wait out the MEB/PEB process I will loose this job opportunity for nothing because the bottom line will most likely be "Return to Duty". I plan to get out of the military either way at this point. Thank you all for your time in this matter.


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I was put on TDRL for migraines w/aura along with other conditons. All I can say is make sure you keep a log of your migraines.
How they affect your daily activities
How they affect your ability to function
Meds currently taking and have taken in the past
Missed work

I would recommend going to the sick call ANYIME you have a migraine to get it logged into your records.

All of the above will also help you with your VA claim

best of luck, any migraine oriented questions, shoot me a PM.

good luck


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While on active duty AF I developed migraine headaches. Because of them I was disqualified from missile crew duty (I was a missile crew commander in Minuteman II at the time). It was determined the migraines were probably caused by two concussions/head injuries I sustained while on active duty - one playing intramural sports, the second in a car accident. Since I was disqualified from a career field, do I meet the criteria for a VA disability rating?


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I have a question.. If I developed migraines in the military but my mom and sister have a sister of migraines, will I be rated for my migraines? I'm undergoing a MEB and don't know what to expect. I have two more VA appointments and then I guess we start the MEB phase? Does anybody know what my chances on being discharged are? (and if so, what my ratings might look like?) Thanks for any help.
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