National Guard Medical discharge

Mr. Purder

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Aug 6, 2012
Good Afternoon All,
I am a first time poster on this. Really not sure where to place the question, so here goes:

I was a nurse in the IL Air National Guard, and received a (honorable) medical discharge in 2001 due to a failed bunionectomy. I was in a F-16 unit, and was considered "not worldwide deployable," which was the reason for the separation. I do have Active Duty time, but it was not while I was IN the Guard.

The events that occurred, as I can best recall, was this: After being put on profile, the Commander of the Medical unit (of which I was a member) requested my civilian medical records. He reviewed them, did a cursory physical exam on me, then made the determination that due to the above condition, I would receive a medical discharge. There was no Medical Evaluation Board done. Just a simple discharge. My total time in service was approx. 6 years active duty, and 6 years Guard/Reserves.

I have 2 questions:
1. Am I eligible to apply for VA C&P benefits?
2. Should I have received a PEB for the possibility of separation benefits from the national Guard?