New MEB Timeline


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Hey all. I've been looking around this forum for the past couple months since I knew I was getting a MEB, and figured it would be more helpful to join for not only advice, but maybe a little sanity. But here's my timeline so far.

Oct?? - NARSUM completed and sent
Dec - Full MEB necessary
22 Dec - Initial brief with PEBLO
11 Jan - C&P Exams

So now I know it's a bit of a waiting game. Anyone have any advice?


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Patience is key at this step. You've done the exams so it's a waiting game now. Please review all the results when you get them before it goes to the IPEB.

If you do not agree do ask for an impartial review. You need to be proactive on most of these following steps and ensure that all narsums and addendums are included before forwarding to the IPEB.
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