Packet had ratings and know needs more evidence???

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Oct 5, 2012
My packet was sent to Ft.Lewis on Nov 28 and I have been following my MEB/PEB since I have an awesome PEBLO and she updates everything when it happens and is very accurate. I have a good VA rep also and watch ebenifits as she will make sure its getting updated. I know people say not to look at ebenifits but, it appears accurate as I have been following it. So here is my issue and what does everyone think -any feedback is much appreciated.
My ebenifits just changed to “preparation for notification” – (02.07.2013) the second to last phase of the process before my ratings are sent back. I logged on today 02.09.2013 and it went back 3 phases to “review of evidence”. The remarks section states the following:

Change of Status: We determined that your claim needed additional review. If additional evidence is needed from you, you will receive a letter from us explaining what is needed.

Next Steps:
We will review all available evidence and make a decision on your claim upon receipt of all requested information as outlined in the headings, "What Do We Still Need from You?" and "What Have We Done?".

Several factors will determine the duration of the "Development" phase, including:

· type of claim filed
· number of disabilities you claim
· complexity of your disability(ies), and
· availability of evidence needed to decide your claim.

Here is what I am claiming and I had no problem with all my med records from AFG and in county. My DA199 has me for 3 unfitting conditions. My C and P exams went fine and they never asked me to come back. So here is what I am claiming:

Contentions: PTSD (New), degenerative disc disease (cervical spine) with radiculopathy (New), benign prostatic hypertrophy (New), binocular vision disorder, bilateral (New), multiple concussions/TBI (Reopen), tear of annulus fibrosis (New), psychophysiological insomnia/sleep disturbance/nightmares (New), chronic post-traumatic headache (New), abnormal auditory perception, bilateral (New), cognitive disorder (New), upper back pain (New), lumbago (New), chronic pain syndrome (New), postconcussion syndrome (New), leg pain, lower left leg (New), cervical radiculopathy (New), myofascial pain syndrome (New), refractive error, bilateral due to IED and rocket explosion (New), convergence palsy (New), hearing loss, bilateral (New), chronic pain, neck (New), cervical spondylosis (New), bulging disc, c5-c6 (New), memory loss (New), lower back (New), cervicalgia (New), muscle spasm, neck region (New), nausea (New), hyperacusis (New), tinnitus, bilateral (New)