Pending Decision Approval for Ratings


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Hello All;

I am awaiting my ratings from the VA and case has gone to the "Pending Decision Approval" stage in ebenefits system. There are only two more steps which are the preparation of notification and complete, which is the mailing. In the conversations with my PEBLO, I thought that I was suppose to get a "sneak peek" of the ratings, then confirm or appeal if needed. Does anyone know about this process or am I reading to much into it?


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My ebenifits status also went to pending decision approval for ratings. I don't have much input here but just waiting to here something. In my opinion this might be that the case is finish and this is where you get the propose rating rating which has to be approved by PDA but don't quote me on that because I am waiting just like you. I emailed my PEBLO, and I hope she has heard something on her end.


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Are any of you in the Navy? I am wondering how long it has taken. My package was recieved on Dec 6th, and i haven't seen any changes to the VA Ebenifits site at all. Unless you count the number of times it has been down this month.


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Are any of you in the Navy? I am wondering how long it has taken. My package was recieved on Dec 6th, and i haven't seen any changes to the VA Ebenifits site at all. Unless you count the number of times it has been down this month.
Navy here. My Unfit package from the PEB was recieved 06DEC2011.


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I had been in "Pending Decision Approval" and was recently moved back to "Review of Evidence." I called the VA and the person on the phone told me that my package was completed, but they couldn't release it to me because they needed my DD-214. That's funny considering I don't have one yet. She wouldn't even tell me the percentage. She did say that the information was released back to the Air Force so now it's more wait and see.


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I was also stuck in "Pending Decision Approval" I have already received my ratings and signed my 199, I am just waiting on orders now. Hang in there.


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After reading this thread, I logged on ebenefits only to find I am in the "Gathering of Evidence" stage, and I've already been found unfit and on day 91 as I await for ratings. This is unreal, everything was moving right along until I was found unfit, and now it's like the whole process has just stopped. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one, but they serious have a CF up there at the PEB.


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i spoke with the va rep yesterday(4jan) and he told me the va had rated me (unfit was sent to the va 7nov) and the package was sent back to the board on the 17th of dec. i still have heard nothing which surprised him and me as well. i am keeping my fingers crossed that i hear something soon! i have a life to move on to like the rest of us in this situation. quick review my package was accepted by peb in DC on 18oct11. ready for formal board 02nov11. so it has went very quick for me but i only have one unfitting condition.


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Your lucky. Everytime I call the VA they say "umm, it says ready to work" and thats all I get. Its frustrating. My claim started 1 September 2011


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It is just a big waiting game and there is not much you can do about it. My process started back in April. My packet hit texas 26 July, found unfit Sept 15th, V.A took till Dec 13th to finish everything and send it back to Texas and I still have not got my results back yet. Good luck and hope we all get some good news soon.



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Last week I was in the pending decision approval stage and talked to a va rep who told me that they are waiting on the air force to make a fit/ unfit decision. At the beginning of the week I went back to preparation for decision phase and a day later regulatory or procedural review in Cleveland shoes up on ebenefits. I called the va a and was told my case is being rated in Cleveland because it will be rated quicker and that my case is close to being done. Still waiting but the thing that drives me crazy is the fact that noone will tell me if I was found fit or unfit! I tried PEBLO, VA, and AFPC... Anyone know why that is? Shouldn't it be your right to know that way one can begin prep if separated? Any input is appreciated.


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The VA does not start your rating unless you are found unfit. The VA does not start rating your claim until they get your package from the PEB with the unfit findings. If they are rating you, then they have the go ahead by the PEB board. If you were found fit, the VA would not start your rating. I was USN and just finished this entire process. Once the VA had their proposed rating completed and sent it back to the PEB for review, I was informed of my findings about 3 weeks later. My package in at Providence, RI.