Return from Iraq diagnosed Type I Bipolar



I have been in the military 12 years total. 4 years as a Marine and on my 8th year in the Montana Army National Guard. On my 4th combat deployment (2nd to Iraq) I was diagnosed with Bi-polar Type I. Upon my unit demobing, I did not clear SRC because they seen the diagnoses in my records, so while the rest of my unit went home I ended up being put on a medical hold in WTB Ft Lewis. No one really wants to tell me a whole lot. I know I am going to be medically discharged. I have way to many if's though. One that I hear a lot of is bi-polar gets admin separated with no disability or benefits? Also have not been told anything about the whole process, only that I will be stuck here about a year. Do I have any chance of fighting the discharge or at least the admin sep? Yes I am on Lithium, Seroquel, and Bupropion and have been told my meds play a lot of it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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May 15, 2007

Welcome! The only way they can deny you benefits is if they determine that your condition Existed Prior to Service AND was not service aggravated. In addition, if you have 8 years or more of active service, you will fall under the Eight Year Rule, which makes EPTS Conditions compensable. It would take more facts to know if you need to fight anything or, if you do, what your chances are. I would read up on some of the posts (start with my Overview of the MEB/PEB Process thread).

Feel free to ask any questions. I hope all goes well for you.