SAFPC Grade Determination Timeline?


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Neverending... Wow it sounds like it is neverending for you... My understanding is that the SAFPC is at AFPC/ARPC (Total Force). They have case managers there that handle a lot of the administrative stuff behind the scenes. If you call the folks there at AFPC/ARPC and ask to speak to someone in the Disability Branch, they may be able to help you, or at least point you in the right direction for some competent information.

My PEBLO and PEBLO Assistant were absolutely useless to me during my process, and I damn near did everything on my own, to include calling that personnel center and getting them to do my retirement the way that I wanted it done...

For those of you that my stumble across this thread because of the grade determination, get ready for another convoluted process post-retirement :) My retirement order explicitly stated that I would be retired in the higher grade I held (MSgt), but post-retirement nothing was ever updated. My first ID card said TSgt on it, DEERS was TSgt, Humana South was TSgt... You get the point. Emailed the folks at Total Force to have them correct it, thought it was corrected since I was able to update my ID, then find out that the system reverted me back to TSgt. *Le sigh* I honestly do not think that anyone knows what the purpose of this process is, how it works, or how to implement it once it is completed.
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