Seeking copy of Archived Case


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Hi All. New user here, just found this site! A valuable resource. I hope that I can return the favor with some value as I learn my way around.

I'm filing a case to BCMR and I have old emails that reference a specific case that I believe is relevant but it seems that the file has been lost on the website. The URL link that I have to the case was at but now it returns a 404 error. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the case?
I was talking with another former service member about the calls, emails I’ve been exchanging and it seems that the AF board database is now returning search results. I found out it was working again on this forum! The person I was corresponding with at Army was supposededly relaying the traffic to the POC at AFBCMR.

My colleague thought it was interesting that the case I’m looking for is effectively being “censored”. Is that an actual practice of BCMR or was he being extra conspiratorial?
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