social security benefits question??


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So VA gave me 90% VA . I was told that I can get social security benefits. My question is if I get social security benefits can I still work?


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I got 30% DOD and 90% VA.
There is also a trial work period (9months) where you can attempt to work and no income restrictions. It's a way to test the waters and see if you are capable of working. Social Security and the VA have vocational rehab programs available.


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I'm not sure. But i'd like to still work ! i think i'd go crazy sitting at home.
I would too Niland; thats why I volunteer as a full time Veterans Addvocate,
I volunteer with the American Red Cross and I volunteer with my Church.

It may not be for everybody... but it gets my service dog and I out of the house
and gives me the feeling of self worth. I also travel a lot. :cool:

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Not sure anyone ever answered your question, you may be eligible for SSDI ( NOT SSI) but if you are you cannot work gainful employment long explanation short means you cannot make over the poverty line at a part time less than 32hr a week job.


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Don't stay at home and do nothing. Get involved with your local veteran groups like WWP, VFW, DAV, American Legion. They pay the way for most activities including travel to many destinations across the US. It's great fellowship and you end up helping other veterans who are going through the process like you did.
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