Social Security Disability


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I am thinking about applying for Socail Security Disability.

I have a few questions that I need answered BEFORE? I try to apply.

1. Will I be able to keep Tricare ?

2. I hear IF you get awared a SSD claim, you get medicare part A then you have to pay for Part B.

3. How does it affect my wife?

Basically I dont understand Tricare/SSD medical insurance and how it works.

Why cant I just keep my Tricare medical insurance for all purposes for me and my wife.



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Dear dkokoszka:

I receive SSDI. It seems I had to be in receipt of SSDI for 24 months before I was eligible for MediCare.
So if you get an SSDI AWARD letter, be sure to look at that letter to see how far back they go on your award - especially if you get a retro check for SSDI.
I got Medicare right away as it took soooooo long to get through the SSDI system, that when I finally got my SSDI award, 24 months had already elasped.

I also receive Tricare, too.

But in order to continue with tricare, you have to have Medicare Part A and B. TriCare requires I have Both A and B.

The cost to me for my Medicare Part A and B is an insurance premium of 110.00 per month - single - no kids or spouse.

Medicare is now my primary - Tricare is my secondary insurance payor.

Make sure you go to doctors that take BOTH insurances.

If you go to the search on this website, type in SSDI.

A whole bunch of threads come up under this topic you can read on.

They'll answer most of your questions.

Not sure if YOU get SSDI, if your wife is covered with Medicare. I doubt it.


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I dont get it, $110.00 a month for Medicare?

Becuase I am a retiree, my Tricare for my wife and I is around $450.00 per year.

It would seem that $110.00 per month VS $450.00 a year is NOT a deal. Seems like I get penalized?

If I dont get SSDI, then I could keep using Tricare and go to my MTF for free.

Also wondering how Wife would be coveered, does she still use Tricare?

Thoughts, Thank you for your time.


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My husband and our entire family has tricare. My husband also receives SSD. He pays for Medicare out of his SSD... it is automatically deducted. Me (wife) and our two kids still get tricare. We pay the same tricare premium that we would with him not getting SSD. You have to have medicare (if you are eligible) in order to continue with tricare. Some people are able to get the medicare premiums waved based upon income. Once you have Medicare you move to what is called tricare for life.... but only the individual with medicare. The rest of the family stays at tricare prime.

It is confusing, and it sucks that you have to pay more because you are able to get medicare. I just think of it this way: You still get paid more money if you get SSD, even if you do have to pay for something twice, and at a higher premium.

My husband only uses the VA health care system, so he never really uses the medicare/tricare, but we pay.... I am sure that the VA bills tricare and medicare.


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Dear One and All:

All I know is that I am single, no minor children at home, and Social Security takes out 110.00 every month for MediCare A and B.

I HAVE to pay into MediCare A AND B in order to keep getting TriCare. No pay - no get TriCare.

Oh. And for those who live outside the country - guess what?

You still have to pay for MediCare A AND B in order to keep TriCare - even though MediCare only works in the US!

And now with the new and improved NDAA 2012 - TriCare wants to have the option to take up to 100% of your COLA for premium increases if they need to!
Makes me wonder how many years in a row TriCare is going to need all my COLA for insurance premiums hikes.

Probably every year from now on if THAT language stays in the NDAA 2012.

No wonder so military retirees live somewhere else other than in the USA. Who can afford to live here anymore?


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Thanks, I understand a little better now. What a system, You get SSDI and then have to pay for medical insurance, when you already had that benefit when you retired for alot less (Tricare)

So I pay Medicare premiums:$110.00 per month

So I pay for Tricare (for wife):$430 per year (Which I cant use)

Can I still go to the Medical Treatment Facility for my care? Then who pays, Medicare or Tricare.

I guess I am confused.

Thank you


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If you are the SSDI recipient, you have BOTH TriCare and Medicare A and B.

And the VA, too.

Just make sure you get a regular civilian doctor who accepts BOTH TriCare and Medicare A and B.

That way, you'll have little or no out-of-pocket expenses as that doctor has to bill Medicare first and then TriCare second.

No saying everything is 100%, but this helps to keep your medical expense down for yourself.

And you have the VA, too - if yours is any good in your area.

For further information, go to the TriCare website and search for retiree benefits with Medicare.

I don't know about going to the MTF as I live too far away to ever be able to use the MTF.


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As best as I understand it, she does.

Best to go to the tricare website and look for the retiree benefits with spouse.

They have a pot-load of information on there about just the things you're asking about!


Well deserved!

Is it possible to let us know what the breakdown was on how you got to your 60%?

Have you also been rated by the VA, too? If so, what did they come up with?


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Thanks, I have not seen the breakdown yet, when received, I will break it down and post the results.

I received 80% from the PEB.

I have not started the VA process yet. Still need to process out and get my DD 214.


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80%. Wow! I still wonder if the amount you'll receive from the military side wil be partially tax-free because it's a disability medical retirement.

I'm pretty sure you can at least get started with the VA paperwork once you get your paperwork from the PEBLO with your ratings on it.

It's taking several several months out here in the Pacific Northwest for the VA to go through their disability processing.

My Army buddy got retired (non-medical) from the Army back in November, and she's still waiting for the VA to get back with her rating. She's already gone through the C&P exams, etc. Just waiting for the ratings now.

But it's taking quite awhile. And her claim is pretty generic - non-controversial.

I wonder if you can at least jumpstart your VA claim by submitting medical records and so on to the VA?


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It is confusing!D

For your wife tricare prime will pay.

If you use a MTF or the VA system they will bill Medicare and/ or tricare.... you need to let them know what insurance you have and they take care of it. If you go to a civilian Dr. or receive care outside of the VA or MTF they will bill Medicare first and Tricare for life secondary.

The reason behind Tricare making you get Medicare is so that they will be secondary.... that way they don't have to pay out as much.

If you get Medicare many states have a program that would enable you to get the premiums waived, this is based upon income. When you are able to get Medicare, I would contact your local Department of Human Services office to see how your states program works and if you might be able to cover for them to pay all or some of the premium.

I hope this helps!

Thank you[/QUOTE]
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