TDRL- Home of Choice or HOR?


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Hi all,

Quick background- husband diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and PTSD. MEB takes 2 freaking years, so he times out of the old system and into the new last summer. We finally get a decision this morning- 100% from the VA and TDRL from the Air Force. He's doing the paperwork and the PEBLO tells him he can't go to home of choice/selection, he has to choose either HOR or Place of Enlistment. That's NOT what the prior PEBLO told us. The PEBLO also completely forgot this was going to go past his DOS, so didn't bother to do the paperwork required to extend him on med hold- you can see why we aren't too trustful of what she says. Can anyone point me to a the reg that tells us which it is? Just for planning purposes. Luckily the place we're settling in isn't too far from the POE (Tacoma, WA and he enlisted in Portland, OR), so we can rent a truck and get our HHG if we need to, but I'd really rather not.



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Even though it was part of the paperwork he had to do when he went into the office? The information sheet he filled out asked where he elected to receive travel pay to. It looks like there was something missing on the home of selection choice- "separated with severance pay immediately following 8 years of continuous active duty with no single break therein of more than 90 days; " and it breaks off there. It looks like something is missing.

I'll have him call TMO and MPF on Monday. Thanks!

ETA- I looked again and the part she had him sign said "Separations Only" right after title. I think she missed or ignored that part. As far as we know, retirement is retirement.


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ECAF states in accordance with paragraph U5365-A and C, Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), a member placed on the TDRL is entitled to: (a) ship property to a home of selection (HOS); or (b) place property into Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) with a termination date one year after release from active duty. Property placed into NTS may be shipped to the HOS anytime within the one year period.

So yeah Dor, PDRL/TDRL makes no difference. HOS is authorized. It's not an AF Reg, its A Federal/DOD Reg.
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