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Apr 13, 2009
I recently had my Voc Rehab interview and sadly I was denied. I dont understand how is that possible, it was obvious that the counselor did not want to go the extra mile for me, she even said that there are many jobs for my abilities where I live and I asked her if she could show me where at? and she (COUNSELOR) just smiled with no answer. I'm a 60% disabled vet, I dont have the GI Bill and currently employed in a position for which I have to drive 90 minutes both ways every day due to the fact that there are not many positions for my qualifications where I live.Obviously the driving is becoming an issue for my back and my knees, which by the way are the main disabilities in my VA rating.
I want to appeal the decision.Even though I have an associates degree I'm way behind all other civilians because of my lack of experience and surely because while I was serving our country they were already at those positions....can anyone help me or perhaps has a format of how to write an appeal letter to the VA. THANK YOU MUCH!!