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My orders states reason: medically disqualified, not result of own misconduct, assigned to: The Retired Reserved. I have less than 20 years but more than 15 years of service (14 AD & rest reserve). Will I receive the 15 year letter or does my orders need more info on it? I retired in 2003 but now am trying to get my paperwork in order, after reading some of the questions on here, getting a little nervous.
I am going through the MEB process and about finished, my question is will I get my DOD retirement and VA payment. I am National Guard now but have 25 yrs in and about 16 Active.
No one can answer my question here at the WTB. Please advise me and school me on this so I can educate others here in the same process.
Received the mypers email saying the PEBLO has my results. Waiting for the call to see what I got.
Just began the MEB process with 19 years of Active Duty service in the Army. In the process of the COAD packet. This process has not been easy and looking for assistance in the COAD process as well as examples for the commanders statement O-6 and the primary care providers memo's.
MEB Started 15 Dec 2017
Can the evaluation board make a fitness determination based on how the condition is projected to evolve over the course of time, or do they have to make a ruling on a case based on what it is at that moment?
Thank you for the reply, don't mean to press my luck but what if the condition is supposed to heal fully within a few months of the board?
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
Hard to say without knowing more. I don't know enough about your case and your situation to hazard a guess. Also, not sure what your goals are. Might be better if you post a thread discussing your questions and the facts of your situation. Best of luck to you!
Thank you for your time Sir
Background I was medically retired from National Guard in 2014 100% DOD and 100%VA. I am currently 44 YO. going through a divorce and STBX want her 32% of my Retirement amount I am currently waiving for VA. I do not qualify for CRDP until I'm 60. I thought the DOD disability retirement pay was protected just like the VA is from being divided in a divorce but I cant find anything to support it.
Hello Sir,
I just left my Pen and Comp exam. Not sure if you have an answer for this. Injured my back in Iraq in 09. Minor injury. Well I thought. Fast forward, several years, x-rays show arthritis in my low back and a convex in my spine. I had about 50 degrees forward flexion and 15 side to side. Overall I have a high tolerance for pain but I’m in pain daily. Could I get a rating? More I read more I’m confused.
Jason Perry
Jason Perry
Rating from whom? Might be better for you to post a thread regarding your situation.
Hello Sir, you have given a lot of advice about LDES versus IDES for MEB. You seem to favor IDES. I wanted to ask you some questions about that Sir. Thank you.
Hello to all, I'm brand new to this forum. I came across this forum and saw some interesting conversations, so I registered. What does one need to do to have the Physical Evaluation Board status remove to Medical Evaluation Board? Thank You
Sir I was Honorably discharged from the Army in 1981 (separation for unsuitability) never got my MOS but currently 100% VA disabled as a result of my time in service. The rating was as a result of personal trauma. Can I have my discharge changed to permanent medical retirement? Thank you
Ed Mercanti
Ed Mercanti
If you can show you were medically disqualified for retention and were unfit for dury, yes. But if you were still in training you were probably under procurement standards, not retention standards so it would be a hard sell
Hey everyone! I have a question. I emailed the board and got a quick response and it said I was signed out the Army DDA on Dec 13. What exactly does that mean?
Package Submitted: 27 Nov 17
Initial (phone) meeting with PEBLO: 30 Nov 17
Initial (phone) meeting with JAG: 30 Nov 17
Addendum to package submitted: 19 Dec 17
VA claim: 16 Jan 18
Sir I understand you are an Attorney. I also understand you do not give legal advice in this forum. If you give me your telephone number may I call you concerning legal questions, when it is convenient of course for you, during your regular working hours? Do you still work as an Attorney Sir?
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