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SECNAV M-1850.1 Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System Manual

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Jason Perry submitted a new resource: SECNAV M-1850.1 Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System Manual - Navy DES Manual
TheView attachment 6206 Department of the Navy has updated its previous DES regulation, SECNAVINST 1850.4E, to a new and shorter version (SECNAVINST 1850.4F). The updated regulation references this Manual which is a completely new issuance.
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Jason Perry submitted a new resource: SECNAVINST 1850.4F - DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY DISABILITY EVALUATION SYSTEM Regulation
The DoN has changed its DES regulations (effective 27 JUN 2019). This regulation supersedes the previous SECNAVINST 1850.4E. It is much shorter than the previous version, however, there is an additional new regulation, SECNAV M-1850.1 (September 2019), which covers many important issues and provides detailed guidance. (I will post that resource separately).
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Thank you, RonG!!

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Please join me in thanking RonG for his service as a moderator here at the PEB Forum!! Ron has requested to step back from serving as a moderator. He has been a great help to many folks here on the forum, but he has decided to step back from his service as a moderator. He had been considering discontinuing his involvement in any management activities for some time. His age and medical challenges were the primary factors in his decision. His departure as a moderator on this board was only one of his recent decisions related to participation at various venues. RonG will still be participating as a member here, primarily dealing with finance and CRSC issues. We wish RonG all the best and thank him for his service (both here and his many years in the US Army). Thank you, Sergeant Major!

Welcome to new Moderator- Guardguy11

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I am pleased to announce the addition of Guardguy11 as a Moderator! Please join me welcoming Guardguy11 as part of the team here at PEB FORUM that helps folks with questions, issues, or just sharing experiences. As a member with experience with National Guard issues, Guardguy11 brings an important background to help those from the NG community with their issues. Thanks, Guardguy11, for your contributions, past and going forward!

Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie

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Jason Perry submitted a new resource: Oral Argument Wolfe v. Wilkie - VA Court oral argument
Oral argument in Wolfe v. Wilkie.
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Updates to the VASRD
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Please note that the VA has been updating the VASRD. Currently, the VA has updated the schedule for the following conditions with criteria that are not updated in this forum: Hemic and Lymphatic systems, Dental and oral conditions, Conditions related to the endocrine system, Gynecological conditions and disorders of the breast Diseases of the eye, Skin conditions. I am working on updating the VASRD listings on the forum. In the meantime, you can find the most recent ratings here:
New DoD Timelines for IDES process
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The Department of Defense recently updated the timelines for processing of IDES cases. The resource for DoD Directive-Type Memorandum (DTM)-18-004 – “Revised Timeliness Goals for the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)," can be found here: https://www.pebforum.com/resources/...04-revised-timeliness-goals-for-the-ides.100/ I intend to post a detailed timeline at each phase in the future. For now, know that the overall processing of IDES cases should be processed faster (from 295 days to 230 days- basically, two months faster). Note the effective date is July 30, 2018.

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