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Welcome to JMATTK as our newest moderator!!
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I am really glad to welcome JMATTK as our newest moderator. The goal of the site is to inform, educate, and provide a community for those facing military disability evaluation system processing. The members provide the questions and share their experiences, but the "glue" that makes this work is the hard work of the moderation team here. JMATTK has been recommended from the rest of the team to join us as a moderator. He has consistently shared and provided solid input since he joined the site a little more than 2 years ago. I am pleased to welcome him to the team here, and I hope you all welcome him, too! Thanks for your efforts, JMATTK!

Account (un)suspended

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Apologies, folks! You may have noticed that on attempting to log in today, there was an "Account Suspended" notice. To clarify, that was my hosting account. I had missed the hosting invoice and they suspended the account which was cleared up when I saw the suspension notice and then paid the hosting bill. We are all now Un-Suspended!
Advertisments are gone- for now!
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Advertisement with Google have been a way that I have used to help defray the costs of running this forum. They were "fine" for that purpose and have definitely helped. Still, they always annoyed me (I have the ability to turn them off for certain groups or members, but, I kept them on for me so that I could see what members see). Well, they annoyed me to the point that I have- at least temporarily- killed ads on the PEB FORUM. I have some ideas about the way forward for the site and I think that there is a lot more that I can do to make the site better. My original hope (once upon a time) was that if every member who just dropped in and was willing to donate about $1 monthly, I would have enough money to make this community so much better (I just looked at Analytics and I am showing about 3K users logging in every month on average). With that kind of support, I think I could do incredible things with the site, content wise, site wise, and also thinking better, do great things...

New Article System...

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I have been able to finally implement the "new" article system (which, it is really just restoring the previous article system functionality, but, it is updated for the new version of the forum software). This is a test. Hope this is a helpful feature!!

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