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  • You will get at least 32 months of your base pay. If your injuries were line of duty in a combat zone or combat related, it should not require an offset.
    Thanks, this is the PEB. Its in the appealate process now? There were multiple material errors and I am sure if someone would read thoroughly it would be clear. However, the retention does not want to extend me again. I do not have an obligation. It ended Spet 9, 2000. I have been extended 21 times since 2000 with the contingency of a board. I have not been promoted 8yrs being in unit; however, I have 2 degress and 5 professional licenses. I have max out on everything except PT.(but still no promotion) I have reached the regulatory guidelines; however, I must extend to complete this. This issue is the retention to extend. On this site, I did see the errors they made for finding me fit for duty; however, the NARSUM indicates I am not fit, however the board is looking at my MOS but my Commander says I am a liability to the unit and I could cause more harm to myself by being retained? I am employed by the VA and I know that my % rating exceeds the allowable amount to be in? Thank you so much. I know a Congressional will be helpful; as you stated they didn't analyze it thorougly. Please post this on the site. Some do not know that VA can no longer offset your severance pay. Here is the link. Disability Severance Pay It was sent to me from MYPay Dfas SmartDocs. Please let others know this is a law. DoD and VA are 2 different pots of money.
    First, I am sorry to hear you are going through all of this. From what you have stated, there is no logical reason for their actions. To whom did you appeal? Are you currently in the PEB process or is this a BCMR appeal?
    I don't want to discourage you from filing a Congressional, if they are violating procedures, sometimes it can be helpful. But it is rarely helpful, in my opinion, if they are only making a wrong decision.
    Bottom line, you will be able to appeal, wither administratively, or judicially (in court) if they have gotten things wrong. Best of luck, I hope they do right by you.
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