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    Requesting P&T from 100% non-perm rating?

    Update: From their preliminary 100% non-permanent rating, they changed me to P&T when things were just finalized. I still have questions though: Is there any benefit to filing a NOD in relation to conditions like hearing loss? They rated my left ear @ 0%, but my right ear as non-service...
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    Requesting P&T from 100% non-perm rating?

    Good morning, How does one go about requesting their conditions be rated as permanent? I recently was medically retired (30% DoD PRDL and 100% VA non-permanent) but am interested in the protected status and benefits that come with P&T (for my family mostly). Where do I find what conditions...
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    1st post here... I was just notified that my IRILO is transitioning to full MEB. A document says they want the process complete to send to the IPEB within 3 months... Along the same lines as above, I'm pretty sure my doc only documented my back issues on my NARSUM. In the first documentation...
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