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    SSDI Dependent Benefits Question

    Hi - My husband was recently approved for SSDI and we are trying to find out where we find record of dependent benefits. Can anyone help me figure this out before I call SSA and wait on hold forever? Thank you in advance!
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    Retro Pay timeline.

    Thanks for your help, Ron. It's just super confusing. Amber
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    Retro Pay timeline.

    Hi - he goes $3300 or so from the VA and gets $1600 or so from CRSC - he's already received two payments, so we do know that he is entitled to it and will receive compensation for it. He gets nothing from the AF because he is rated at 100% VA. My question is in regard to the CRSC backpay and why...
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    Retro Pay timeline.

    My husband was approved for CRSC backdated to his medical retirement of 26 Feb 18. He was approved in October, first CRSC pay was Dec 18. When we called to inquire about backpay today the DFAS rep said it was in audit but had been rejected. She had no idea what that meant, but she suggested that...
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    SSDI - Quality Review Question

    Hi, my husband was medically retired from the AF for combat injuries in February of 2018. We applied for SSDI in June and it has been sitting in Quality Review since mid-November. Just the other day in the mail we received a packet asking about his work activity from September 2006. When I...
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    Pay Question

    Thanks for the quick reply and the information - we appreciate it. Will this (14 Feb) be his last active duty paycheck as well?
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    Pay Question

    My husband is at the tail end of medical retirement terminal leave - date of retirement 25 Feb, VA eligible 26 Feb. He has pay pending for 14 Feb. and we were told yesterday that he will have one more paycheck after this...We thought this was the last one? Also, should he expect to see VA pay ok...
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    Denial SSDI

    My husband was just denied SSDI, he is 90% VA disabled due to several physical and mental ailments that are all service connected. It states that there wasn’t sufficient vocational info in the denial and only lists one of the many ailments we described in the paperwork initially. Any input on...
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    SSA Form 3369 for SSDI

    I am currently trying to help my husband, who is on terminal leave following his USAF med board and subsequent retirement, file for SSDI. We got the forms in the mail and I’m a bit confused on how I fill out the work history. Specifically: Do we fill one form out per AFSC? How do we...
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    Ratings sent to Orders received

    My husband signed for his ratings on Oct 11 (here in Korea) and he’s STILL waiting on orders...Getting a little anxious.
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    SSDI - applying...

    When we were in the states (we're currently waiting on my husbands orders to outprocess for his TDRL from Korea) for my husbands VA C&P exams we visited the SSA office in California to apply for SSDI; upon our return to Korea we received a letter stating that we should wait until we return to...
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    What now...

    My husband (17 years AD - stationed in Korea currently) got called in today to see his PEBLO got told he's being placed on TDRL, VA rating of 90%, AF rating of 80%. He was told to take it and run, signed the papers and now we're kind of wondering where it goes from here and what this means -...
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    Issue with NARSUM upon reaching VA

    Hi quick question for my husband here - while at the VA Appt's and going over his chronic diagnosis the physician found that his PCM included carpal tunnel instead of cubital tunnel on his NARSUM (same thing just different sides of the hand). Since this was one of the MEB-able conditions how...
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    Filing for SSDI when overseas

    any specific reason? Just curious bc we're planning on turning in after the holidays.
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    SO confused

    My husband (AF) was just told by the DAWG that they would be moving forward with his MEB. We have no idea about how the process works, or even what he would likely be rated at which is causing huge amounts of stress. We've looked at the files found in the resources, but are still finding...
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