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  • I figured something out!!!! Ok, you know when we first sign in to the forum and our name shows up in the upper right hand corner...well I had an epiphany!!! When I click on my name-Chinook-it takes me to these threads on my page...when I click UNDER my name where it says -private messages-it takes me to the place to write private messages!!!! Check that out and see if that's the difference. Maybe :)
    I'm laughing so hard right now...cause I'm not sure I know how to work all this myself!!! I wrote a reply to you-on my site.
    Too funny. So there is a long paragraph overthere-to you. :)
    I was just sayin', feel free to email me @ [email protected] its still the easiest for me..LOL Wow, I bet you are glad the packet is on its way...I am eager to hear how this goes. This is good. :) Talk to you soon.
    Hi Apache!!! How are you doing? So where are you located?

    Also, can you upload your pics? Thats been a fun addition that Jason added. :)

    Talk to you later.
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