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    My Navy Timeline for Fibro

    What were your ratings?
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    Confused where I am at

    Yeah it’s been 16 days is why I’m confused lol. Good to know it’s supposed to be 7 tho. Not that I think it matters at this point. I called and left my peblo two messages today.
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    Confused where I am at

    I have a P3 already? I’ve met with my PEBLO and everything
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    Confused where I am at

    So I was entered into the MEB process in February and then officially met with my PEBLO and had all the briefings in March. My PEBLO said he was forwarding my case to the VA 2 weeks ago. (I’m assuming to start the QTC appointments) I’m confused tho because I have yet to meet with an MSC or...
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    Fit or Unfit?

    What did you end up finding out? Anything?
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    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    That depends on what you consider to be negative I guess but it also in a sense could be a waste of time. Pursuing it might have them open it up and have them push that it was fraud, even if it wasn’t because you DID have those issues then and now you just don’t.
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    Possible Error in Medical Retirement.

    I mean... unless you’re trying to get back in the military which is likely impossible anyway regardless of “fixing” it. I’d leave well enough alone.
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    C&P Question

    Are you/ did you appeal that? What rating code did they use.
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    Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) Information

    How did you get the VA to change the rating code from 7010 to 7011? Did you appeal?
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    Questions on MEB/PEB/Rating Timeline and MGIB Ft. Campbell.

    How did it go? What did POTS get rated?
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    Fort Campbell timeline

    How did yours go with the POTS?
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    IDES C&P Challenge (POTS)

    Anyone have an update on this and any luck in the VARR or appeal for pots ?
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    My Timeline

    Hello do you have any update on how this turned out in reference to pots ? :)
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