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  • Hi, I am a SSgt in the USAF at Nellis. I just saw your post about having rt hip replacement and some of the disability process you went through. I am going to have rt hip replacement surgery tommorrow actually. I am writing to see if you would contact me, my email is [email protected] I am sure I will have questions about the process that you may be able to help me with since you have already been through it. Thanks.
    What reason(s) did they state for making the decision they made? Like I said earlier, we have the same condition the only difference is that I have 17 1/2 years & you have 24. Good luck with the FPEB. Keep me informed or if you need any info let me know.
    Contact me we have the same situation. I also as in the process of my MEB for bi-lateral hip replacement surgery.
    I was just briefed by my chain of command that the Air Force has put a hold on processing MEBs? Is this factual or just rumor?
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