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    How long should an IG complaint take?

    Frustration and disappointment. It only gets worse. Don't complain about different issues on same form. Choose your battles wisely. Seems like most IG's will wait until you give up or are gone. Go to your Congressman with plenty of documentation, Names, dates, places, who said what (write it all...
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    First of all, talk to your PEB legal rep and your PEBLO. They should answer most of your questions. As far as it doing any good to appeal, that depends on more details than you have provided, except, that you sound like you have a good case for correction of your Combat Service connection to...
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    Awaiting AFRC LOD for Medcon!!

    Trust No One. My unit was the one behind all my orders problems. Learned this from friends who overheard and notes and emails from admin folks. Hope you have better Chain of Command than I did.
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    NG Federal Technician in MEB...rights to Federal re-employment after med separation?

    NG Federal Technician in MEB...rights to Federal re-employment after med separati Not that familiar with ANG's dual status. But I was AFRes and fed civil service, not an ART, and from what I learned was , you cannot keep your civilian dual status job, but you "should" be able to transfer to...
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    Where Does the BS End???!!!

    Air Force Reserve Participation Waiver Package - Downloads - Physical Evaluation Board Forum Thank VA Jumper for uploading it.
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    Twilight Zone

    AFI 36-2254 VOL 1 Reserve Participation 1.6.5. Reservists may be placed on military orders for the purpose of receiving military medical/dental evaluation, or examination as identified in AFI 48-123, Volume I and AFI 41-115, Authorized Health Care and Health Care Benefits in the Military...
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    What do you want the MEB to reconsider? Found fit and Return to Duty? Or Medical conditions not evaluated? Either way the biggie is to provide medical notes as evidence. Formal Request for Reconsideration of MEB finding of --------- I formally request reconsideration of the Medical...
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    Where Does the BS End???!!!

    The BS will end when some frustrated poor bastard shoots himself or others. Roger Armbristor's job is to save the AFRC money regardless of the Wounded Warrior Program and "Support Our Troops" BS you hear from AFRC. Sorry this is a bad copy. Do not sign a Participation Waiver unless you are on...
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    Does Admin Seperation override Medical Board?

    You are preumed fit until a PEB finds you unfit. The following is part of the answer. Department of Defense INSTRUCTION NUMBER 1332.38 November 14, 1996 E3.P3.4.1.2. Physical Fitness Test. Whether the member is medically prohibited from taking the respective Service's required...
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    Being retired with open medical issues Admin lod/ Informal LOD

    Don't put in for retirement. But be aware of the situation If you are discharged, you become a former member and not a retiree. I requested an extrension to my HYT retirement date and was granted extensions until the proper admin procedures were adhereed to. Lot of problems and heartaches but...