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  • sit back relax, get your life going again......I tried to call ya and see how you were....can you pm me your new cell?
    Oh im still in turkey overload mode........blahhhhhhhh
    Yeah man that is awesome news. Isn't it such a relief to know it is coming to end.....
    hey builtgypsy,

    Just wanted to say what's up. Hope your PEB is going ok. I am officially TDRL as of today...wow what a long process....
    would it make differance that the reason the nerve damage that i have is permanent because of the fact that my chain of command threatend me with non judicial punishment if i wouldn't pt while on light duty. Like to the VA or incase my ipeb finds me fit?
    Are you going through the Portsmouth Hospital MEB/PEB? The routine you explain in which the PEBLO does not do anything unless it deals directly with PEB results sounds familiar.
    Sorry I missed your post on the social security question. The answer is that social security disability is completely separate from retirement and VA. SSD does not in any way effect whether you draw retirement or VA. You can actually draw SSD while still on active duty. The only problem you may run into is earning money that is not retirement related. If you make over a certain amount (determined by the amount of disability you draw) above and beyond your retirement, VA, and SSD, then your SSD can be cut or done away with. In our case Hubby doesn't have to worry about that because he spends about 30 hours a week travelling to/from and in doctor's and counselling appointments. Hope this helps!
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