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    Severance Pay Timeline??

    Hello all! My EAS was 20190330 and I was wondering when is an accurate time frame to be seeing my Severance Pay and sold leave in my account? I can’t find a timeline anywhere and it would just be nice to know. Thank you :)
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    Severance Package/Payment

    You should see your severance pay amount on your DD214
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    HQMC for New EAS

    I’ve signed my findings I’ve started my checkout process and today I’ve called the PEB and got my Index number and was told to call HQMC but I don’t know which number to call. Plz help
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    I signed my findings and just called and got my index number but I don’t know what number to call for HQMC
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    I checked and it said that Feb 5 my case was closed and that I will be receiving ratings in the mail in 7-1o business days. Will I hear from my peb soon?
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    I checked my and it said my compensation case was closed Feb 5, and that I will be receiving a letter in the mail within the next 7-10 business days. Will it be much longer before I hear back from my PEB?
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    USMC Med Board Process 2018

    If you dont mind me asking what number did you call for the VA
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    Hello all, my VA claims were submitted in October (started 10/02 ended 10/29 with appointments and everything submitted) I was found UNFIT December 31 My Ebenefits completion dates estimated March 2019- June 2019 but today I checked and it is now April 2019- June 2019 Does anybody have any...
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    Thank you it is! Does the VA process take long, or will I hear back soon
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    I emailed my PEBLO and he said that I was found UNFIT December 31 and that it has since been sent to the VA.....
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    Hello All! I was wondering if anyone can give any insight as to where I would be in my process I started everything in October and finished and got my PEB submitted in December. I have done all C&P Exams and reviewed my notes and the last time I talked to my VA rep she said that It has...
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