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    Combined ratings table

    Take your highest rating that will be the number in the far left col. then take your next highest rating use the number across the top to give you your combined rating do that for each rating Here is an example I have four ratings 50 50 20 20 50 and 50=75 now I take 75 and add 20 which gives...
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    Combined ratings table

    I found this the other why trying to figure out what my combined rating might be if I knew of a percentage of at least one of my disabling condition. I found this to be the best source of information I have found to date. I hope that it helps you guys out. Table I, Combined Ratings Table...
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    My Updated Army DES Fort Sam Houston Timeline

    OCT 7 2110 Phys Notification of MEB OCT 17 2010 CMD Notified Dec/Jun 2010 C&P Appointments Jun 2 2011 C&P Appointment June 05 PTSD appointment with Army Doc (guess the one I did with the AF was not good enough.June 10 2011 Contacted by PEBLO letting me know that MEB packet was ready...
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    Ceilingfan, My MEB went to the PEB on the 5th and I got an unfit finding back from them on the 18th. All my conditions are labeled does not meet retention standard, and also all are combat related. C_K
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    Ceilingfan, I understand that anything can happen, and I thank you for your vote of confidence. I have three conditions listed as unfit. My main concerns was that the NARSUM did not address future service or daily pain associtate with the injury, nor did it list if the condition was stable or not.
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    I reviewed my NARSUM today. DIAGNOSES Army: Multilevel Cervical Spondylosis with Chronic Cervicalgia the VA: says Cervical Spine Strain with Decreased ROM and pain Army: Old Right Cervical radiculopathy most lilky involving C5-C6 roots VA: results Right Shoulder arthritis with right upper...
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    Flagged for Overweight after 3 weeks in MEB process?

    Can you tell me where exactly I would be able to find where is says in AR 600-8- (a profile limiting PT and AFPT completely invalidates their flag) or that per your profile and AR 635-40 you cannot perform PT/AFPT and cannot be subject to administrative discharge please
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    OCT 7 2110 Phys Notification of MEB OCT 17 2010 CMD Notified Dec/Jan 2010 C&P Appointments Jun 2 2011 C&P Appointment June 10 2011 Contacted by Peblo letting me know that MEB packet was ready for my review June 20 2011 appointment with peblo to review Nar Sums/MEB packet. August 4 2011 Packet...
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    New Member--Active Duty MEB started today.

    MEB Questions I started my MEB back in Oct-Nov 2010 I was being MEB because of cervical spondylosis, first person I spoke to was a VA rep who drew up a VA Form 21-0819 I then spoke with a neurosurgeon and an another doctor. Who said that I was worse off than what the neurosurgeon claimed. I...
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