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    AFTER Retirement or Separation—What NOT to Do Regarding a VA Rating

    1. Other words of wisdom include never file an increase on your back if it is at 40%. 2. If the only service connected condition is mental health @ 70% with IU awarded, it would be very risky to claim an increase. Downside risk is steep and upside is no additional benefit. 3. One can...
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    Spinal cord stimulators and MEB

    I agree with Chaps. Drag it out until you are close to 20 to make sure you hit 20. The pain clinic will offer a SCS trial prior to any implants. This will give you a good idea if a SCS is right for you. As with any medical procedure, do the benefits outweigh the risks? They last a long...
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    Change in Rating

    ah true. Only if the monetary award is affected (combined evaluation reduction, SMCs, etc.) He could then ask for a Supplemental Claim VA Form 20-0995 (with new and relevant evidence), or a Higher Level Review, VA Form 20-0996 (no additional evidence is allowed), or Opting into the new process...
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    Cashing out annual leave

    I was paid out for 60 days in 2016. No action required. Received payment on the next pay cycle (15th). You will not be paid anything over 60 days, those days will be forfeited.
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    Change in Rating

    The Veteran's payment will remain unchanged until the reduction is finalized. He can request a timely hearing within 30 days of the date of the letter to suspend the action. 38 CFR 3.105 (e) Reduction in evaluation - compensation. Where the reduction in evaluation of a service-connected...
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    Denied claim, Diagnosis wasn’t included NEW AND RELEVANT EVIDENCE "To complete your application, you must submit new and relevant evidence to VA or tell us about new and relevant evidence that VA can assist you in gathering in support of your supplemental claim. If you have...
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    VA claim (C&P) exam resumption

    Map of areas for C&P rescheduling , zip code look-up.
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    Referred condition deferred by VA, what now?

    Usually deferrals are decided within 30 days for a medical clarification.
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    DFAS is automatic, no action required other than keeping your bank & address updated. VA: Upload your DD-214 to or ebenefits as COVID-19 as hampered Federal Record processing. VA needs the DD-214 to verify service and ensure the correct effective dates, award your final ratings...
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    VA benefit reduction

    It is rare when the VA severs Service Connection, unless it was granted in error. The VA can make revisions of decisions under the following statue: You still have "due process" rights to request a hearing if the VA proposes this decision. 38 CFR § 3.105 - Revision of decisions...
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    How do they determined how bad your condition is.

    Assuming your IDES goes through during this time, you may have a telehealth C&P exam to evaluate your current mental health condition.
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    My Timeline Camp Pen

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    IBS secondary to PTSD?

    Another avenue for service connection could be presumptive if you have service in the Gulf defined in the last paragraph below. 38 CFR § 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities occurring in Persian Gulf veterans. (i) For purposes of this section, a qualifying chronic disability means a...
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    FPEB Results

    LDES or IDES? They really make you fight for everything. My understanding is IDES has to apply the VA rating to the DOD unfitting conditions. I don't understand how the 0% DOD PTSD 30% VA would be correct, unless it is not "unfitting"
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    90% IU P&T to 100% Schedular??? Rumor Control

    Sometimes people will have IU and apply for increases due to their service connected conditions. This can be extremely dangerous. Example would be a 70% Mental Health rating with IU awarded. No other S/C conditions. Veteran applies for increase. Examiner now states Veteran is only at 50%...
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