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    System(s) that VA uses

    I hope you find these websites useful.
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    FPEB Results

    I had a similar issue, I petitioned the FPEB to add the condition to unfitting condition, they concurred. The issue was it was not yet rated (I forgot to claim it). FPEB kicked it back to the VA to rate it after adding it as unfitting. Pending PDRL at % TBD. I went from offered 10% to 50% DOD.
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    CRSC approval letter

    Chapter 61 Disability Retiree Out-Year Deductions. In all cases, once established (based on date the member was first placed on either the Permanent or Temporary Disability Retirement List), the CRSC reduction amount will be increased by each increase in the retired pay cost of living allowance...
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    Need Help - CRSC Award Letter....

    What additional evidence did you submit to show the "how" the disability was combat related? etc, IW from mortar?
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    CRSC approval letter

    I have similar numbers to the above, but retired a few years back. I believe my longevity portion of retired pay was $1262. With the recent legislative adjustments (COLAs) would the amount rise to ~$1300 if also 70% CRSC?
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    VA rating null and void

    I have a question so my status changed to preparation for decision on ebenefits does that mean anything? It should be getting rated soon.
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    VA rating null and void

    It's unlikely to change because the proposed ratings will generally use the same information (mainly C&P exams), they should not change. It's possible they may order additional exams if they are deemed too old. Assuming you will be retired in a few months, you should be okay. I retired...
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    First VES appointment coming up. What should I expect?

    I am not familiar with TDRL reevaluations. I know VES is a contractor VA uses in support of disability exams. I believe policy now is if put on TDRL you will have a Routine Future Exam at 6 months of TDRL. Assuming this is your TDRL condition, it's very likely this exam would have implications...
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    First VES appointment coming up. What should I expect?

    It's likely a routine future exam for your MH condition. If you down play things, I would argue it'd be more stressful possibly losing TDRL.
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    ssdi: working while on ssdi

    Types of Retirement Types of Retirement Voluntary Retirement Age and Service Requirements for Voluntary Retirement Eligibility is based on your age and the number of years of creditable service and any other special requirements. If you meet one of the following sets of requirements, you may...
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    100% VA rating and free college

    I believe the time limit is 10 years. I cannot find out more information about this right now. I did find the below: Changes to Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance The new law decreases the amount of entitlement that new eligible individuals will receive under the Survivors’ and...
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    Extending MEB timeline to get to 20

    I know this is for USMC, but the change is as of 03/05/2019, for TERA guidance up to the branch. The guidance is given here. MARINE CORPS TEMPORARY EARLY RETIREMENT AUTHORITY PROGRAM > The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website > - MARADMINS "2.a. TERA in conjunction...
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    Extending MEB timeline to get to 20

    Along with the previously mentioned, C&P exams could be rescheduled (due to a clinic staffing issue, happened to me); reschedule as late as possible. You mentioned having OSA, so if you don't submit the sleep study I believe the contractor will have to set one up for you, (more delay...
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    Can I start MEB process and get surgeries after seperation?

    I would recommend anyone needing surgery while in the military, to get them while still in. I say this because the sick leave you get is without limit. The time to earn enough sick leave while a civ takes literally years to accrue. If time permits, I'd recommend correcting the shoulder...
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    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read. Titles: H.R.333 — 116th Congress (2019-2020) Let's see if it does something this year.....
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