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    DFAS is automatic, no action required other than keeping your bank & address updated. VA: Upload your DD-214 to or ebenefits as COVID-19 as hampered Federal Record processing. VA needs the DD-214 to verify service and ensure the correct effective dates, award your final ratings...
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    VA benefit reduction

    It is rare when the VA severs Service Connection, unless it was granted in error. The VA can make revisions of decisions under the following statue: You still have "due process" rights to request a hearing if the VA proposes this decision. 38 CFR § 3.105 - Revision of decisions...
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    How do they determined how bad your condition is.

    Assuming your IDES goes through during this time, you may have a telehealth C&P exam to evaluate your current mental health condition.
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    My Timeline Camp Pen

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    IBS secondary to PTSD?

    Another avenue for service connection could be presumptive if you have service in the Gulf defined in the last paragraph below. 38 CFR § 3.317 Compensation for certain disabilities occurring in Persian Gulf veterans. (i) For purposes of this section, a qualifying chronic disability means a...
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    FPEB Results

    LDES or IDES? They really make you fight for everything. My understanding is IDES has to apply the VA rating to the DOD unfitting conditions. I don't understand how the 0% DOD PTSD 30% VA would be correct, unless it is not "unfitting"
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    90% IU P&T to 100% Schedular??? Rumor Control

    Sometimes people will have IU and apply for increases due to their service connected conditions. This can be extremely dangerous. Example would be a 70% Mental Health rating with IU awarded. No other S/C conditions. Veteran applies for increase. Examiner now states Veteran is only at 50%...
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    FPEB Results

    That should be the exact position to take with the FPEB. Hopefully soon, the FPEB lawyer will be in contact. I think I only had about 2 weeks to talk to the lawyer and come up with a game plan prior to the FPEB. Did the VA rate the radiculopathy? Which nerves were affected/rated. Sciatic...
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    Just got paid by VACP Treasurer for CRSC Amount

    I had the same issue. The VA withheld your military retirement pay for XX months until you we awarded VA Compensation. Appears to be one month at 30%. Since they withheld that amount, but now you are entitled to it, the VA pays it. You should get a letter from the VA about this. It is a...
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    CRSC approval letter ELECTION OF COMPENSATION IN LIEU OF RETIRED PAY OR WAIVER OF RETIRED PAY TO SECURE COMPENSATION FROM DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS (38 U.S.C. 5304(a)-5305) The VA compensation application does not waive your retired pay, the above form does.
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    CRSC Calculation Check

    Also for tracking purposes, CRSC increase letter received end of June, no change in DFAS as of today's statement.
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    System(s) that VA uses

    I hope you find these websites useful.
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    FPEB Results

    I had a similar issue, I petitioned the FPEB to add the condition to unfitting condition, they concurred. The issue was it was not yet rated (I forgot to claim it). FPEB kicked it back to the VA to rate it after adding it as unfitting. Pending PDRL at % TBD. I went from offered 10% to 50% DOD.
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    CRSC approval letter

    Chapter 61 Disability Retiree Out-Year Deductions. In all cases, once established (based on date the member was first placed on either the Permanent or Temporary Disability Retirement List), the CRSC reduction amount will be increased by each increase in the retired pay cost of living allowance...
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    Need Help - CRSC Award Letter....

    What additional evidence did you submit to show the "how" the disability was combat related? etc, IW from mortar?
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